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Have you ever had your blog disappear?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I have. And I asked the techies about it. They don't know about the problem...or solution.

So, I did a search on SP about 'lost blogs.' Lots of people have had this happen!

I think somehow there is a limit of memory for a blog. I am thinking that if you fill this--the blog disappears.

Techies won't acknowledge this problem-yet.

I never heard of anyone losing a short blog. So I'd say be careful how much you put in one blog... emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SANDYW1945
    That's nice to know. Makes me reminded that this site belongs to Spark People and not to me or to us.
    2084 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/7/2012 7:22:01 AM
  • CAROL-
    Hasn't happened to me, but it is good to know.
    2084 days ago
  • CCHEF1
    I haven't had that happen but I delete blogs on this and other sites for the same reason as Ima, just because the sharing is outdated. :)
    2085 days ago
    I haven't noticed if I have. I don't post long blogs though. Don't want to read overly long ones so I don't write them. "Do unto others. . ."

    Hope you get yours back somehow.
    2085 days ago
  • .DUSTY.
    What I do is type everything out on my notepad and then copy and paste to make sure it posts.

    I disagree about memory problems. Look at the DailySpark and all the posts there and I've seen members with way more blogs than you. It's more likely just a glitch or the nut behind the wheel, LOL:)
    2085 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/6/2012 11:32:14 PM
  • CAROLJ35
    I have a new computer and get so frustrated because I may type for 20 minutes and must accidentally bump a key that deletes the whole message except for about 6 words. Haven't figured that out yet. When I did have a blog disappear, I just blamed myself for doing something wrong. I am not that computer savvy!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2085 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    Yup and I have had comments that were justifiably critical of staffers disappear as well (RIGHT "COACH" NICOLE?)!!!! emoticon
    2085 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/6/2012 9:21:08 PM
  • 123ELAINE456
    I have lost very short blogs along with very long blogs. My computer does all kinds of things that drives Me Crazy. Like flips pages on me, Keys don't work at times, white strip with a lot of numbers comes the bottom of the screen and all hell breaks loose with all kinds of things it chooses to do on it own. This is what I go throgh with mine everyday.. Any help for these things Please let me know. Chris I hope your computer runs good for you. God Bless You and DH. Have a Wonderful Week. Have an Enjoyable Day today. Take Care.
    2085 days ago
    My DH had his very first blog disappear, but he still got his first blog award.
    2085 days ago
    Happened more times than I care to say.
    2085 days ago
    Has happened to me.
    2085 days ago
    I've lost short ones as well as long ones.
    2085 days ago
    That hasn't happened to me. I have on occasion deleted one of my own Blogs - just because the sharing is outdated! It is like going through one's papers & tossing those that are no longer useful.

    God bless!

    2085 days ago
  • MISSG180
    It's SO frustrating to lose an entry. I've had that happen. Sorry about that.
    2085 days ago
    Actually, it could be that you thought you hit the right button but you didn't then closed the window before you realized it. Also, it could be that when you tried to submit it there was a problem with your connection and it wasn't sent to SP.

    I write very long blogs all the time and the only ones I've lost had one of those two (or something similar) things happen. If you've posted a long blog, select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c) it so that if it doesn't post you can go right back and paste (ctrl+v) it in. As others have said, you can always write it in another program, or copy and paste it into another program before trying to submit it, so that if it doesn't post you still have it.

    But I highly doubt it's because it's 'too long'. I've posted blogs that take up pages and it's never been a problem for me.
    2085 days ago
    Hmmm - maybe type them in Word first then cut and paste? I've lost long posts, but never a blog?? But then again I don't blog much!!
    2085 days ago
    I've lost blogs - but mostly through my own carelessness!! I have entered long blogs successfully though - with pictures and they must take heaps of memory.
    2085 days ago
    I've lost things I was typing, when I went to put in a link, went to the page the link was on without opening a new window to do so. And lost what I was typing when I pushed the back button.

    That was a couple of years ago. Not sure if its because I changed from IE to Monzilla's Foxfire browzer, or if Spark fixed this glitch... but it doesn't happen anymore the occasional times I forgot to open a new window to get my research reference.

    Sorry you had that happen, its terribly frustrating!
    : )
    2085 days ago
    Oh yes, quite a shock. Some blogs may be too long but some mentioned a corporation or copy righted work improperly or unexpectedly offended someone. This is the nature of creative slant and the rulings are not harsh until the wrong buttons are pushed to defend a blog or to keep publishing in which case they will keep removing until that person has become a threat to civil site function and kick that person out of publishing access of Spark honored places. The rules may have been even tighter since the big boys like twitter and Facebook are in the Spark game.

    I mentioned salt in my blog with the new Hollywood movie by that title that was in production at the time so my salt blog was pulled. Later, an edited version without formal associations and movie themes mentioned thoughts. They let me keep the one with only my own opinions. This is my guess not enforced by Spark words of explanation.

    Read the community guidelines and get 3 spark points to re-enforce good practices. Maybe the ruling might lead you to a logical answer of why it left the site.

    2085 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/6/2012 4:25:07 PM
  • DS9KIE
    I mostly do recipes on my blogs and I type them in word first. I have had my internet mess up and lost stuff I have been typing...its sooooooooooooooo frustrating.
    2085 days ago
    I always do short blogs here on Spark...but never lost one yet...

    Wendy emoticon
    2085 days ago
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