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Happy heart (reflections)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I mowed the lawn, came in and hydrated, pulled out an ice pack and took an Aleve.
The fitness assessment two day ago is catching up with me.
First (after the intake - medical history, measurements, goals and the like) was the 6 minute "run" for distance. My pulse was where I expected but my blood pressure was really high (glad I don't check that while I'm exercising, smile).
Then I was to do pushups and squats. Since the trainer had mentioned the squats would be timed (one minute), I assumed that was how the pushups would be as well. My left shoulder is still giving me trouble from both an old "cheerleading" injury (I had to take PT for a year to be able to lift my arm overhead) and some new changes I have chalked up to aging. So I told the trainer I didn't think I could do as many regular or modified pushups as I was capable of because of the shoulder issue (and my body weight, frankly), so I wanted to do the wall pushup option instead. When we got in position, THAT is when I learned it wasn't how many I could do in a minute, it was how many I could DO. Okay... I started, and she counted...and counted...and counted...I felt sorry for her after a while...until FINALLY I could tell I was not going to be able to keep going AND hold proper form for much longer. By then we were already in the 90s, and I was able to get some more in over 100. Take THAT, body-that-I-can-no-longer-clai
m-is-29! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Ahh, but I am paying the price in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It was worth it! Wonder how I will do in 12 weeks at the postcheck?
So the yard is cut, and as I sit here, emoticon a total downpour is occurring.
SO HAPPY I finished and am nice and dry inside! Great timing. emoticon
So have a wonderful day, everybody.
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