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Thursday, September 06, 2012

So this week has been chatotic to say the least. Monday night/Tuesday morning around 1:30am I was sound asleep when my mom came into my room crying and saying something was wrong with her. She was complaining of chest pains and something weird going on with her heart. So I instantly jumped into survivor mode and called 911. We spent the rest of the night in the hospital and come to find out she was fine. Regardless it was so scary. I held my composer because I had to stay strong for my mom because I could see how worried she was. I could never imagine a life without her and it was terrifying to think I could loose her.

So we got home at about 8am and my mom was on cloud nine because of the morphine they shot her up with. Twice. Got to love doctors in this area... Anyways we both went to sleep and slept until 2. I had to force myself to eat a meal and and zero strength to work out that day. AI let myself lay around the rest of the day until bedtime.

So then yesterday I was getting back to normal and then I find out one of my closest friends had a stroke. She is only 27. Only hearing that she had a stroke my mind went instantly to the worst scenario. Two days in a row thinking I was going to loose someone I loved was hard. Thank god she is doing better but it was a huge eye opener. Life is short. I have to live it the best I can, Love the people in my life with all I can wish the ones who aren't happiness and love and strive be the best person/friend/daughter I can.

This summer has had some really hard times but I have managed to keep my head up and keep working towards my goal to be a healthier happier me. I am down about 80lbs from my highest weight and am feeling amazing. I've learned that I can't let situations I cannot change control the rest of my life. When you fall down get back up and strive to be even better then you where before you fell.

So that is all for today. I am watching a sick baby today so I'm on constant booger control lol. I will leave with some pictures of my new self. :)

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