I Won't Treat Myself Like a Garbage Can

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I got this message board entry by member SJKRACH in my email today and wanted to share it here.
How many of us have gone through this? Perhaps even on a regular basis? Perhaps with nearly every meal? When I eat garbage, aren't I treating my body like a garbage can? Shouldn't I be treating it like a temple?

Read and see if you can relate.

Over the last few days I've realized that if it's in the kitchen, I will eat it. Additionally, during a binge, I treat my body as if it were a garbage can.

Last night I went through an episode where I went to the cupboard over and over again and ate things that I no longer want in the house because they are some of my triggers (seriously, that is how I rationalized it... I wanted them finished and gone, but did not simply throw them in the trash. I had to consume them.)

Some of the junk I ate was old and not even particularly palatable (a dollar store chocolate bar from Christmas!) Some items were healthy enough if part of a nutrition plan and eaten in appropriate portions (pistachios and vitatop muffins). But I was on a mission to "finish" them.

At one point last night as I was following my sweet, salty, sweet pattern (truly can't say I was having cravings as it was not that strong of a bodily driven desire), I realized that I was treating my body as if it were a garbage can. As if I were a garbage can! At that moment, this awareness still was not enough to stop me. I don't know what the psychology is behind what I was doing (addiction? emotional? boredom?), but this isn't the first time I've done this. It is a pattern I recognize in myself and experience time and time again throughout my life.

Today, being a new day and my Spark renewed, the idea of treating my body and therefore myself as a garbage can is a more disgusting concept and motivating visual. My body is not a garbage can and I will not treat it as if it were. My body is an amazing work that responds fairly quickly and positively to care and nourishment. I am not trash and I won't trash myself.

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On my way... one step at a time...
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  • KELLY122581
    I went through this a few times when I was trying to quit smoking. I had a quit date set up, the day came and i still had half a pack.... and I felt like it was a waste to throw them away, so I would hurry up and smoke them, and my quit day came and went in a flurry of smoke. Something psychological about not smoking because I ran out was not as powerful as not smoking because I threw them away.

    Finally (the time that quitting stuck), my quit date came and I ran the pack under water, squashed it flat, and then dumped it ceremoniously into the trash.

    Ok, yeah, I lost a couple bucks, but I didn't put more nicotine into my body in an effort to not "waste" the money. I came to a realization that any money I spent on cigarettes was a waste anyway, smoked or not.

    I've adopted a similar philosophy about food I know I don't want to eat, and if it comes into the house, I give it away or throw it away before I have a chance to binge on it. I've had a couple binge moments recently, and was seriously saved by this philosophy of mine.
    2054 days ago
    Thank you for sharing the story
    2054 days ago
    I could not believe that anyone else in this world does this besides me. I will sometimes eat some pretty strange combinations, just to get them out of the house. And just like you, I will go from sweet to salty, then back to sweet.

    Is there something wrong with us, or what.

    2055 days ago
    AMEN, Bro.
    2055 days ago
    Recognition of the problem is the first step to solving it.
    2055 days ago
    Gees, were you a fly on my kitchen wall this week? I honestly ate food this week, after asking my children if they wanted it, that I just wanted gone! I rationalize it by saying this way it won't be there for the next time! Yikes!

    2055 days ago
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