Free at last to RUN! and my NEW PLAN

Thursday, September 06, 2012

hi Spark

Man, it feels like a long time!

FIRST, thanks to all of you that are still reading my blogs ;p

Summer was insane, and the reality of not having as much time as I used too HERE is kicking in!

My kids are in different schools this year! and the youngest is still half day!

SO I am going to be here, but minimally ;(
Means I probably can't read all your blogs like I used too ;(

But thanks for your support! I am mostly on FB now due to convinience of technology to keep intouch!



Boy where do I start!

First off....I am not where I was a year ago...when I came back all:
OH WOE IS ME... FIT ME vs REAL ME. (depressed)

I am no longer FIT ME hahaha....and not yet finding REAL ME!

I RAN for the first time since JULY! emoticon

I was going to again go Private and filter my 1000 SP friends.....BUT!!!!
I decided not too......

BECAUSE...... I decided today on my run!

My Blogs proves:

1, You can do BLOODY anything if you put your mind to it!
2. ONE decision at a time.. that is how we do it! emoticonor emoticon
3. There is NO END GOAL!!!!!!! emoticon just GOALS!
5. Weight loss.... is just the tip of the ICEBURGH for me.....to loving me!

Ok....woah to tangent!

any ways

Can I run? emoticon
Can I run 1 mile? emoticon
Can I run a 5k? emoticon
Can I run a 10k? emoticon
Can I run a Half? emoticon
Can I run a Marathon? emoticon ok walk/run....

all in the last 2 yrs! THANKS SPARKPEOPLE!

After the Marathon....anything aboce 13 miles is just torture LOL
and I just can't find the commitment time to run 3-4 hours anytime soon!

So I am going to RE-DO the 5k program! YUP....C25k!!!

For SPEED...... new goal.... Beat my PR of 28 mins for a 5K

Going for and avg pace of 12-13 min from marathon training!

back to my 9 mins, maybe lower ;p

I am so excited...and I like the RUN...WALK...podcast...
b/c I don't have to listen to FAT ME going ..stop stop stop...lol

SO my GOALS for...whenever I get there...

2. Triatholon
3. Be as happy as I m here on SPARK, in real-life...aka be Aprilrain in real-life

Today i downloaded a speed podcast....on my hill....
I could only do 4 of 6 of the interval!

but hey, BAD RUN is better than NO RUN!!!!

Spark on!
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