Earning the motivational and inspirational pics.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I have decided a little while ago that this was something I wanted to start with this new challenge..I am addicted to the spark motivational and inspirational pics and just don't have enough room in the gallery to share..So I made it sort of a project or game if you will. I must earn each pic and blog about how I did so. I am hoping this not only allows me to share the pics I'm inspired by but that it may also help someone motivation wise. So here goes ...

Today was the first day of he challenge. This is the motivational pic I earned today.

I chose this one today because yesterday I went over my calories in my range on the tracker...I did this by eating a huge double chocolate brownie sandwich filled with peanut butter creme. Did I feel bad for going over? Absolutely not!! I can't even tell you the last time I had anything chocolate period, or went over in my calories. I wasn't craving this sweet treat, I didn't just have to have it. I saw it, it looked tasty and I hit two goals so far this week...so I bought it and intended on sharing it with the hubby...let's just say he never saw the brownie sandwich...LOL. I usually am one of those people that really stress not rewarding yourself with food. I usually opt for some new workout clothes or something of that nature to help me reach my goals. But as I enjoyed my brownie I thought to myself, everyday I tell myself how I chose to not eat certain foods because of all my hard work. The brownie was good, I didn't scarf it down..but it wasn't fantastic or amazing, and I'm glad because now I know when I see them at the sandwich shop again it will be so much easier to pass up without even looking or thinking twice.
I was also very glad I indulged because I really don't ever. I've never been a binge or emotional eater..usually quite the opposite..I rarely crave certain foods, usually for me I just crave something salty. I don't consider eating the brownie a setback or failure of any kind at all. It really only put me over by around 200 calories and I know how I usually tend to keep my daily range on the low side so I knew I had a fair amount of uneaten calories from the months I've been back on spark. Needless to say the brownie wasn't going to do me in or be my downfall.
So how does this have anything in common with the Pic? Well, I knew my goal for this challenge was to get more exercise in. I knew I was going to go to the gym, that was planned. But when I was there I was able to push myself even harder...in my mind I wanted to burn off the brownie, but I saw this pic and realized how true it was for me in this situation. Because I ate the brownie, I was able to push myself harder at the gym which got me a new fastest time for my weekly 5k virtual race. Shaved off 20 seconds, not minutes but I'll take it. I've been chasing that last fastest time for over a month now so it was great to beat it. After my race I felt horrible I won't lie I was so tired and my asthma was leering, I usually have a rule of never returning to the locker room until I'm done with my workout, well I had to use the restroom so this was the exception today. After using the facility, i did what i know is my weakness I go sit on the bench and get all lazy again. Yes I had a good race, beat my time..but I still hadn't even gotten close to burning off my minimum of 500 calories when I go to the gym. After resting for about 10 minutes, I got myself back up and went back out and killed it on the elliptical cycle...i ended up burning over 1000 calories, now that was awesome!!! And my reasoning was not to burn off the brownie at all...so here's where the pic comes in and how I earned it. B
Because I ate the brownie, it motivated me to work harder at the gym and beat my time, and then even after my little rest it got me to go back and give more and push harder....so losing over 1000 calories was the reward. Feeling on top of the world for doing it, a huge reward. And this is how I learned the lesson of this picture today. One shouldn't work out to burn off the food one eats..you'll just end up hating yourself and making the workout harder, you resent that you ate the food, which is never good. So instead I ate something indulgent and turned it into actually more than one reward. Motivating me to push harder, giving me the fuel for the energy to push harder and faster, and of course if eating the brownie had never motivated me i would not have achieved what i did and felt so rewarded and fantastically amazing for what I accomplished

Because i ate the brownie i was rewarded, not punished at all with how I kept my non-guilt perspective because then I got to go exercise and show myself just how driven and determined i can be and that's one fab reward. so thank you brownie..you allowed me to accomplish great things and feel way better than the moment i enjoyed eating you! . emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • LUCYLIN101
    I needed to hear this blog! Great visual to go along with it! It puts a whole different spin on reward and punishment!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2352 days ago
    Great perspective! Thanks for sharing!
    2355 days ago
    emoticon THANKS FOR SHARING THIS! emoticon
    2355 days ago
    Loved this! Puts a whole new perspective on the relationship between energy in and energy out. Thanks for sharing!
    2355 days ago
    you come up with some of the most amazing blogs! And I love the idea of the inspritaional pictures and sayings that Spark offers, as an incentive. You are right they have some great ones. You are an inspirtation to us all! Keep up the great work.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2355 days ago
    I saved that poster too a few weeks back. It was more to remind me that exercise is good for my body. I have not eaten out of control for weeks now. A brownie sounds like a wonderful treat. I love your reward for eating it!
    2355 days ago
    This was a great idea, and a very thoughtful blog posting, as well! Really resonated with me today, thanks!
    2355 days ago
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