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Fail, of the epic variety

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I ignored my brain and gave 5K a go, and pretty much everything went wrong.

First of all, I didn't actually do 5K - Google maps lied to me so I ended up WAY off track and had to loop back round to get back where I was supposed to be.

I don't know if my brain was right or it's just 1000 times harder to run with a backpack on. I could not find my stride and every jogging step felt like it took enormous effort. The longest I jogged was 2 minutes at a time, if that.

Then partway through I got a stabbing pain in my left shin that went all the way down to the top of my foot. I had to walk/hobble for about 15 minutes until it went away. At that point if my phone had not been buried deep in my bag I probably would have phoned bf and asked him to come and pick me up.

I got home, absolutely knackered, in 1 hour 7 minutes. I was too cross to work out the seconds.

So I'm never doing that again! On the plus side, I will definitely beat that time on my next go.

There were also a couple of funny moments. When I got into the centre of town there was this one guy in a business suit who I ended up playing leapfrog with - I would pass him on my jogs, then he would pass me when I walked, then I jogged past him again, then he got in front when I walked. I don't know what he thought but it made me laugh.

Near the end I was quite zoned out from exhaustion. I was staring at one point, not really focussing on it, until I got closer and realised that it was a McDonald's sign. I realised what I must have looked like, jogging along staring longingly at a Maccy Ds. That made me laugh too.

One day I will get this running thing right.
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    I must have been channeling you this morning - I went for a 3-mile walk with my husband and a friend at sunrise in a state park. Except we parked in the wrong place, and ended up walking SEVEN miles without ever actually getting to our intended destination. Everyone else was whining, but I was laughing and thinking about how much awesome extra exercise I was getting.
    2111 days ago
    I think you deserve a medal! emoticon
    2114 days ago
    Good for you! You tried something new - be proud of your effort! You painted a hilarious picture of yourself - thanks for sharing your adventure.
    emoticon emoticon
    2114 days ago
    So, I was still thinking about it when i came across this:

    BR>another SparkPeople blog that linked to one on the web:


    I'm glad you giggled at the leap frogging - I have definitely changed my route before because of that - and the longing gaze at McDonald's. Just in case you're ever in a more negative headspace when you run, I thought this blog might preemptively alleviate that.
    2114 days ago
    Oh I love leapfrogging people when I jog/walk. I really do wonder what they think. Great Job! You've got this!
    2114 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    haha that is funny about the McDonalds sign =)
    I should look into those shin splints too. I did some jogging last night and my one shin felt really tight & funny.
    2114 days ago
    Look how amazing you did!

    It is INCREDIBLY annoying to run with a backpack on. I HATE IT. I understand they make specialty ones that don't move around as much when you're running; but, I can't help but think that the ill-placed weight has to screw with your stride.

    I'm so proud of you, and you should be equally as proud of yourself!
    2114 days ago
    you did a 5k atteept and you did great!! I am so proud of you for walking to the end!!!

    I would laugh too if it were me and the guy lol

    you are doing great!!
    2114 days ago
    I do agree with everyone, a great success! You should be proud to have finished it with a backpack to boot! That definitely added weight and I am sure required more exertion.

    emoticon emoticon
    2114 days ago
  • BHELL42
    fail is if you did nothing, fail is if you didnt even try, you did not fail there is nothing but success here and you succeeded epically and learned a few things along the way, what you learned is that google maps decided the scenic route was better than point a to point b in as close to a straight line as possible, what you did learn is that instead of stopping and digging in the backpack for the phone you would rather go as long and as far as you could admiring the scenes along the way, you learned to listen to your body when it feels pain and to instead of stop moving soften the action until you can do more again... you did not give up, you did not give in and you did not deviate from your plan, it may not be what you pictured in your head but you still did it.. i see this as a win win my dear and you are pure awesome emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2114 days ago
    WooHoo, you did it and for YOU. I love the laughing moments...it is so nice how some of those moments get us through the tough times. Good Job!!
    2114 days ago
    I agree, do not see much to fault you on. What a trouper you are! How committed. And the humor is great too. emoticon

    Got me thinking.working out is not always a pretty site! Maybe I will blog with that headline!
    2114 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/6/2012 6:39:37 AM
  • FIREFLY4407
    I wouldn't say fail ! Might not have matched to video pre-view in your head of you effortlessly jogging home (I've been guilty of this), but bottom line is that you didn't quit ! And you kept your sense of humor about you as well - awesome. Also, it sounds like you may be developing shin splints (very common, especially for new runners). Go on line and you can find info on stretches and strengthening exercises to help. It's important, because in some cases stress fractures can develop (not trying to scare you, just don't want to see you get hurt). Also be sure that you have good running shoes (again, there are lots on on-line resources for figuring out what is right for you. Also a local sports shop should be able to properly fit you).
    2114 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/6/2012 6:22:07 AM
  • GINNJEN1974
    Way to go on sticking it out. Plus added weight had to make it completely off.
    2114 days ago
    No matter what you finished it!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2114 days ago
  • LTRUM71
    Seems to me even though there were some down moments this was a success. You did it! A lot of people would have stopped and dug throught the bag to find their phone and not finished. You should be proud of yourself!
    I hope your leg isn't still bothering you. And I'm sure having a back pack on did make a difference in stride, not to mention balance and weight.
    2114 days ago
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