One thing I want to focus on during this BL fall challenge..

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

This was hard to narrow down to just one....as most of you know I'm always that girl with all the balls in the air juggling. Yes I still want to keep up with my over all goal to be in tip top shape for the tour by Feb and keeping pace with my ultimate goal of 10# gone a month. So far I'm still a bit off pace for that overall goal...I started Summer challenge knowing I had more work to do to try to get back on track. I have 58# more to shed to bet at my goal weight..so that figures out that i need to shed about 25# during this challenge to keep me on track. Again I'm adding the disclaimer that this is more than the 2# suggested by spark but I am training for touring and I need to push even harder this challenge.
Aside from all that one thing I really want to focus on is more fitness minutes for the challenge overall...I know I did way more during summer and now want to keep improving for the fall. I want to not only put in more minutes of cardio but of ST as well...not only do I need to get rid of the weight I need to get lean and ripped as much as I can and the ST is going to be the only thing to really help in that area. So far I've started my 10 min a day exercise streak and haven't broken it so I feel very confident and happy that I'm off to a great start!
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