I'm back!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

We had a great time camping! Came home and hit the ground work they have asked me to train for a new position, which I think I may like. I am feeling a little anxious as I work the next 7 days straight on top of the 2 i just worked...i am SUCH a homebody i get nervous knowing i'll be gone all those days. BUT that's life. I have a personal goal to eliminate my medical bills by Jan 1 and it's gonna take these extra days and hours to do so. I know it will be tiring and make me a little anxious at times, but it will be SO worth it in the end.

I've done fairly well with my eating - a little nibble here and there off-plan but no major binges or horrible meals. I'm proud of me! Exercise has been another story, but with everything else on my plate i've made a conscious decision to not worry about it. i know rest is just as important right now. a year ago i could not even hold my head up, so i have come a LONG way and I'm pushing myself with lots of hours at work so if I can't exercise right now I am ok with it. I feel powerful just knowing this is my choice and option and it's ok.
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