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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Meet Aspen. She is the newest addition to our family.

My neighbor has become the neighborhood "crazy cat lady" when she started feeding 2 feral cats who proceeded to give her about a dozen kittens. I have sat back for weeks telling the hubby no - 3 cats is enough. But I can never tell him no for long. Yesterday, this little angel (who wasn't actually one of the original litters, but showed up last week - we think someone saw all the other kittens and just dropped her off) was sitting in the rain all by herself. The rest of the litters were up on the porch nice and dry. Well, hubby was so upset that she was being ostracized that he went and got her and took her home.

She wasn't too keen on the idea at first, and tried to gnaw off a finger. (We originally called her "Jaws" because of that.) But last night she was letting the hubby hold her and pet her. We're keeping her in a cage in our room for now until we have her tested for FIV - and to keep our stuff from being shredded. (Hubby tells me that she's is very good at climbing wood molding.) Once we get past that we'll introduce her to the rest of the family.

(My big, tough, biker hubby holding his new baby.)

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