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Non-scale victories!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Today is day 189 of my streak!

So far I am on track with my goal to make September the healthiest month of the year so far! Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather, and I wasn't able to workout at my normal intensity. I actually had to stop about halfway through a workout because I was just feeling so bad. My original instinct was to push myself to finish the workout anyway, but I'm glad I decided to just STOP. I actually put on my favorite winter nightgown and took a long nap...and woke up feeling a lot better! I feel EVEN BETTER today, and I'm ready to get back to my regular workout routine!

Yesterday was an AWESOME day because I had some non-scale victories! The first one was when I put on my winter nightgown. Its a long, cozy nightgown, and the last time I wore it was sometime in March. Well, when I put it on yesterday...it was so big on me! The shoulder seams were down on my biceps, and the sleeves went past my hands, lol. Plus it was just soooo loose around the middle! In spite of the fact that I was not feeling very well when I put it on, it sure brought a smile to my face to see how big it has gotten on me!

Another non-scale victory from yesterday is that after my nap, I decided to treat myself to a nice hot bubble bath! Its been a while since I've taken a bath instead of a shower. Normally, when I take a bath, its a kind of tight fit. My sides touch the sides of the tub. Well, not anymore! Yesterday I suddenly realized that there is plenty of room on either side....because I'm smaller now! I don't have to wedge myself into the bathtub anymore!

And the BEST non-scale victory! For the past two and a half weeks, I have been doing a workout called "Below the Belt" from my DDP Yoga DVD's. I have really, really struggled with this particular workout. It has a lot of chair poses (or as DDP calls it, Thunderbolt) and other moves that focus on your lower body. Well, yesterday I noticed that my thighs feel firmer! My buttinsky, too! Its great to see these results from the workout, especially since its a workout that I struggle to get through. Now I see the payoff from those struggles! And not only is my lower body getting firmer, I am also getting stronger and I'm able to hold Warrior III pose a lot better!

Here is a picture of chair pose. It doesn't really look like much, does it? (At least thats what I thought at first.) But it really is a challenging pose to hold..you really feel it!

Since I don't like to weigh myself (and don't plan to weigh myself again until New Years Day), I really have to focus on non-scale victories, and I love it! To me, getting stronger, firmer and smaller is more important than what the scale says!

I am wishing everyone some non-scale victories this week!

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