Wednesday, getting ready for a staff meeting

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cardio Streak Day 491
2.50 mile walk /jog
0500hrs 77F

Today I'm at the house and have a staff meeting later today. Until then, I can catch up a little on SP friends and points!

Yesterday I did a quick 30 minute walk/jog before I left for the office. With the day-after-the-holiday business yesterday, I ran out of time (plus I forgot) to write a blog. I did do the cardio in the morning and kept up with ten sets of strength exercises at the office with each set consisting of:
bench press 15 reps;
crunches 35 reps;
tricep dips 15 reps;
leg extensions 25 reps;
bicep curls 15 reps;
forward stretching 60 seconds; and
standing quad stretch 60 (30 each leg) seconds.

Once I got home, I did two quick sets of 12 pushups. That was enough for the day.

Today I got up around 0500 and did a 2.5 mile walk/jog. I plan to do pushups, crunches, dips, and stretching today.

My cardio total for today:
2.5 miles
30 minutes

Jog/Walk Across America:
Team distance as of Wednesday 05Sep: 2783
Current Location: Dubois, Wyoming
(The map is updated three times per week. Feel free to visit.)
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