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off track, crazy schedule, what to do???

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I have been trying to create a blog entry this morning to no avail. Then I realized my browser is Google Chrome and I bet SP doesn't support that, so went back to IE and lo and behold it works. What a pain. So in order to post a blog entry I have to exit my regular browser and open a different one, just for spark.

One more step to get in my way. Yes, I am blah today. It happens. Not often, but it does.

This is week 3 of kids back to school! Yippee! I honesty thought I'd find a routine within the first couple of weeks - what the heck was I thinking?!?! I mean really, the first two weeks are crazy and running places to get last minute stuff that was forgotten or we didn't know about (like extra notebooks, instrument accessories, project stuff). Somehow those 2 weeks flew by without me looking at myself at all. Oh yeah and my oldest had a birthday (16), more crazyness)But that's water under the bridge.

Today. First day of the third week. And finally I feel like I have a little time to myself. And thanks to my sparklyfriend (fitformyfamily) - I got off the pc and went on a short bike ride!!

I tend to think exercise needs to be a big deal - as in a hard workout or a long workout. I tend to dismiss the idea of a short workout, a quick workout, an easy workout. What does that mean for me??? That I often don't do it because I can't go "all out". Stupid, yes I know. I also know if this was going to be easy for me I'd be at goal already! So I did a 13 minute bike ride - 2 miles. Short, seemed a little silly, but you know what I DO feel better. At least I did *something*, as opposed to nothingness. Sometimes the effort is more than I want to give, but I could do 13 minutes and I did. 13 minutes is more than I did yesterday!! 2 miles is more than I rode all last week. It all starts somewhere, right??

Anyway, then I was fiddling with my spark pages stuff and decided to post my actual weight (oh it's only off a few pounds, yes I sometimes don't log weight gain cause it was fluctuating so much it got tedious). Then I decided to look at the report for weight loss since I started in May of 2011. And I had this great downward trend going...right...up...until...M
arch of 2012. And since then? An upward trend. What the heck happened? I moved. It's the only thing I see - right about March was when we knew we had sold the house and were moving. And it's been crazy ever since.

But that's done now too. I am settled in. I love where we are. My kids are back in school. I have time again to focus on me. And now I need to figure out what that means.

I haven't been totally gone - I have checked out books from the library on whole food eating. I like that concept - we mostly eat that way anyway. And it helps me focus on staying away from sugar and refined carbs (which is my weakness). I found a local farmers market that is 5 minutes away. So I've been there a couple of times - great, fresh produce, and it's fun. It helps me feel like I'm focusing on my health more because it's all fresh!!

Exercise is my failing these days. I really need to have a plan, a schedule. I have meant to look into the local Y, but that hasn't happened yet either. I just need to find time to look at my schedule and figure out how I'm going to fit time for me in.

Oh I supposed that's plenty for now. I sure wish I had a personal coach in my head telling me to get moving! And really, I don't do it much for myself. How the heck do I fix that (cause it's surely broken).
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    I've really been struggling with my relationship with SP lately. I love the friendships that have developed because of it, but often feel guilty about the amount of time I'm on my laptop. Some days I think I should quit. Then something like this happens - I just read your blog and realized that I actually encouraged a friend, which is EXACTLY what I want to do. I'm so thankful that you did go out for that bike ride and that it lifted your spirits a bit.
    Have you thought about trying the free trial of SparkCoach? It might be just enough to get you back in the groove. I always think of you as having such a fun attitude about exercise, with running and dancing and biking. Maybe you just need a ltitle something to relight your Spark.
    WOOHOO to finding the farmers' market. I love those places!
    2117 days ago
    I too am having a hard time getting back on track after a few crazy weeks at work, and I too, tend to think it has to be all or nothing - I was thinking during my walk this evening (one of the ways I'm easing back in) that if only I had done just a couple of my stretches the past few weeks, my back might not be starting to hurt again. But, I had that "all or nothing" thinking going on, so did nothing.

    I pledge with you to do SOMETHING every day, even if it doesn't seem like much.

    Good luck to us both!
    2119 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Maybe exercise doesn't need to be planned out and listed and seen as a "to do" in a life already filled with "to do's". Maybe, for awhile, you don't have an exercise plan, but you take exercise breaks. Perhaps, as a reward for dealing with dishes and laundry, you get to run for 10 minutes. As a break from mopping and vacuuming, you get to hop on your bike for a 20 minute spin. Perhaps you just build in some exercise breaks and, by the end of the week, you have exercised for hours without ever having to drive somewhere at a certain time, or devote an hour or two at a time to getting your workout in. You are athletically inclined so you have that going for you already. Perhaps, for awhile, you are a person who works out in short, frequent bursts, everyday, rather than a person who feels guilty for not working out as long and as hard as you think you should. Just a thought...... emoticon
    2119 days ago
    Good for you for taking the tip from fitformyfamily on the bike ride! 13 mins IS better than nothing and it's a great start. I'm with you - sometimes it is hard to just get started but once I do it, I never have regretted it.

    Good luck with the whole food planning and finding more time for you! Remember that you are worth it and you will be so much better for your family if you can find a little time for you! Just start with those same tiny goals you started with and you'll soon be making tracks in the right direction!
    2119 days ago
    First - lovely new picture! Those are great glasses.

    I use to be the same way - if I wasn't out slaying dragons, then what was the point of trying to exercise? The point is simply to move and feel better for doing it. 10 minutes, it's true, as little as 10 minutes can make a difference.

    It's tough trying to figure out the triggers and what really drives you to want to be active. I know! Recognizing it though is half the battle if not more. Keep finding little things, no matter how silly you may think them to be, and do them. Before you know it, you'll have developed a great new habit and feel better for it.
    emoticon emoticon
    2119 days ago
    Sit down and make a list of all the stuff you know you need to do: 1) check on that membership to the local Y 2) organize whole foods recipe for easy reference 3) etc etc etc whatever floats your boat.

    Because once you write them down, they become a PLAN, not just an endless list of need-to-do's in your head!!

    You'll get that upward trend redirected back DOWN in no time!

    2119 days ago
    I swear, I felt like you were describing me (minus the moving and kids part).

    I've been downhill (with uphill gains) since late spring. Refined carbs and sugar are my weakness. I have an "all or nothing" attitude when it comes to exercise. I finally get that last one, which is why I decided to adopt MOSTMOM1's challenge that she started last year, of getting 10 minutes of exercise per day for 1 year. Doesn't sound like much, but for someone like me who will work out almost every day for 3 weeks, then not at all for 2 months, consistency is the most important thing. And my guess is, my 10 minute workouts will be a bit longer most of the time, because getting started/to they gym/on the bike/lifting the weights/putting the video in/changing in to workout clothes tend to be what holds me back. Once I'm going, I'm good. And fitting in 10 min of exercise, even on busy days, should be a priority and a habit. It should be the norm.

    Glad you found the farmer's market... fresh local veggies are the BEST! Keep hanging in there and you'll get yourself back on track. I know you will! And in the meantime, let us know if there's anything we can do to help. :o)
    2119 days ago
    2119 days ago
    Something is always better than nothing. Little workouts can help develop the consistency you're wanting. Consistency has to count for something. I can't imagine making a move as big as yours without getting off track a little. Glad you're starting to carve out some time for yourself. I know how tricky that can be!
    2119 days ago
  • JO28352
    Hang in there Feistyowl. Sounds like you're on the right track. I hope you're able to find an activity you enjoy, and a time slot to fit it into very soon. emoticon
    2119 days ago
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