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First Brick Workout

Monday, September 03, 2012

UGH. That about sums it up. OK, bye now.

Haha. Just kidding. So, here's the deal. I had the day off work, so I figured, "Why not give it a shot? I've got all this extra time!" But, when I rode 5.25 miles and ran 2 miles (later on) on Saturday, it literally wiped me out the rest of the day Saturday and all day yesterday. So, I figured maybe I started off with a little too much ambition.

I wasn't feeling so hot to start with today, but mostly that's because I left my allergy meds at work on Friday, so I've been suffering through three days of allergy hell. Why don't I go to the store and buy more allergy meds so I always have some at home and always have some at work? I don't know...it's like $20. LOL. I'm a dork sometimes.

Anyway...allergies were really hitting me hard. And it was probably 88% humidity today...I kid you not. Oppressive. But, I wanted to take advantage of the break in rain and try a brick workout. Just to see if I could do it.

Wellll....I will say it again, riding a bike is REALLY HARD! Although, from the way my body feels now (as opposed to Saturday), I *might* be adjusting to it a bit. No pain this time (I'll spare you the exact pain location because you just don't want to know!)

So I rode slightly less than before...about 4 miles. Then, placed my bike and helmet by the garage and set off on a run. At this point, the humidity was really closing in on me and I was having trouble breathing (I NEVER have trouble breathing when I run!) I made it about 0.75 miles and then decided to call it a day. Every single inch of my body was soaked with sweat. You know those workouts where you sweat so much that it's dripping off the end of your ponytail? Yeah...it was that.

I bought a foam roller this weekend (don't ask me why I could buy an ankle brace and foam roller for $32 but not allergy meds for $20...a mystery!) and tried foam rolling instead of stretching. I don't know, but I feel pretty awesome. And I fully expected some sort of agonizing cramping in the front of my quads. Rolled em out really well and there is no pain or soreness at all. Woo!

OK, well, if you'll excuse me...I need to go blow my nose endlessly, squirt some drops in my eyes like a junkie and drink about a gallon of water. Ciao!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I call that pain from the bicycle seat "heiny-itis".

    If your tailbone continues to be unusually sore (like I couldn't roll over in bed without crying out in pain), you may need to get a different seat. The bike fanatic who owns the bike shop we use gave me one of those skinny, butt-floss seats and padded shorts. It's made all the difference in the world. Now my weight is centered on my sit bones, rather than the fleshy part of my behind.
    2087 days ago
    I love my foam roller! My trainer keeps telling me to use it more because I have really tight calves and hamstrings, and I'm always like "uh, I already get weird looks at the gym for being the girl who hogs the foam roller." I'm sure the weird looks are all in my head, but long story short, I love the foam roller! I actually bought one for my home so I can do it after runs as well as at the gym.

    P.S. I am SO GLAD you recommended the jello fat free sugar free for protein shakes. It had never occurred to me to use them before and for really not many calories they make the shakes so much better! I got a cheesecake and a fudge and love them both. I'm also going to try the butterscotch, but I'm debating the exact ingredients for that one! :-)
    2087 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    Gotta love your gumption! I guess I'll have to try my foam roller again, it was the painful part??? And you really should peddle down to the drug store for some relief!!! By now you are probably at work and breathing better, have a great day!
    2087 days ago
    next time you run, run by the drugstore for an extra pack of allergy meds! But the workouts are GREAT!! Good job! I'm already preparing for your tri!!
    2087 days ago
    Great blog! Maybe you should look and see if there are any indoor triathlons this winter nearby where you live?? You wouldn't have to wait till next spring if you didn't want too. I"m training for an indoor tri in November. and actually where i live in minnesota there are indoor triathlons all winter long! so if i like this one i will be sure to continue on to the next. You don't have to be a member of the gym or college holding it to particpate. at least here you don't. I also have a lot of weight to lose but i'm still going to do it! Good luck!!
    2087 days ago
    It sounds like you certainly suffered for your fitness today! Like a lot of other people, I also recommend a padded seat - it will save you a lot of tears in the long run!
    2087 days ago
    The bike pain will go away eventually.... just keep at it and in no time at all you will be able to ride without it being an issue.
    2088 days ago
  • TERID816
    I think I'm with you on the bike pain! Been there and fought that! Had to get fitted for a women's seat! emoticon
    2088 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    WOW! I am amazed that you could do so much with humidity and allergies! WAY TO GO!
    2088 days ago
    You rock! Good for you!
    2088 days ago
    So, my Dad had an expression (one of many), that he would bestow on women who did amazing things. He would be very sincere in his admiration for their accomplishments, but would only say, "Whatta woman!!"

    You my dear, get a "Whatta Woman Award"!!
    2088 days ago
    Sounds like you had an awesome workout. Leah you are just unstoppable.
    Love your determination & drive.

    2088 days ago
  • TISTEN23
    Good for you....but, really? Workout stuff and no meds to help you get thru the workout!?!?!? LOL Sounds like something I would do!!!!
    2088 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    And you're off, taking baby steps for triathlon training! Good for you!
    2088 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    If it makes you feel any better, the brick workouts get easier. But PLEASE be careful with that ankle. The brick-legs that come with changing from bike to run could easily fell a lesser woman who was not being careful.
    2088 days ago
    Hey girl I love my padded seat ! I don't remember it being pricey. Have had it awhile but think its worth it.
    2088 days ago
    LOL...you crack me up!! I can so relate about the allergy medicine. I don't have one box at home and one at work either...it's expensive! Sounds like you had a great workout all things considered!
    2088 days ago
  • SANDYL54
    I have to tell you, I LOVE your blogs. You are so honest and it is sooo helpful to hear what you are experiencing! Thanks!
    KIPPER15 - I bought one foam roller from a PT office and another at Sports Authority - one is 36" long, one is about 24 -30" long. Maybe you can find one at one of either of these? The roller has saved me from many miseries with a hip issue, I love it!
    2088 days ago
  • AMBER281
    Sounds like a great workout!!
    Hope your allergies get better soon.
    2088 days ago
  • ROB704
    I know the bike pain saga....butt was much tougher before my driver's license all those years ago....riding endlessly in 100 degree weather (central CA). Times have changed LOL.

    I got a better seat and, since I work out really early before work a rack to mount my bike in so I can use it in the garage. It's been a great way to acclimate my legs (and other regions) to the bike. Spark mail me if you want the details - was like $80 on Amazon, but there's cheaper (and way more expensive) ones.

    2088 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    Fantastic workout. Sounds great. I have been looking for a foam roller without success. Where did you find it. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    You rock emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Never heard of a brick workout before, must be biking followed by running?

    Anyway, good for you, what a workout!

    2088 days ago
    Way to go that sounds like a killer workout keep it up
    2088 days ago
  • DONNA5281

    Super job!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Bricks are a killer! My husband tried to run with me after one our rides when I was doing a brick and after less than 400 hundred meters he said I'm going back! No more bricks for him! emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Seriously...you just make me laugh. I think it must be because I hear you in your written words and it cracks me up.
    As for the bike...padded bike shorts.
    Leonard had to get some to ease the pain in the unmentionable area...
    Or maybe Depends are cheaper than the shorts, since you are budgeting and all!
    2088 days ago
    Good job on the workout and your decision to foam roll.
    2088 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/3/2012 5:45:28 PM
    What's a brick workout?
    2088 days ago
  • MOM-MOM8
    2088 days ago
    What a GREAT workout! I'm so glad you are able to run again. Woohoo!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Look at you, thumbing your nose in allergy's face. And take that, humidity! Sha-BAM. You did some serious ninja business, that's for sure. I'm gonna have to check out the foam roller dealio. Thanks for mentioning it.
    emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Yeow! Your first brick is a milestone for sure. You will love having that foam roller; it helps you feel better in ways you didn't even know you hurt. Have you tried just sitting on it? Bet you've got tight spots in your bum to discover!
    2088 days ago
    way to go
    2088 days ago
    Foam rollers and The Stick are awesome for working all those kinks out of the muscles, I'm a believer! Good for you in getting out there and doing it, even though you ARE a dork for not getting more allergy meds to get some relief. ;D
    2088 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    2088 days ago
    Let me get this straight: you were suffering from terrible allergies and still gave it your all? YOU ROCK!! I've heard awesome things about foam rolling - one of these days I'm going to give it a try, too.

    2088 days ago
    2088 days ago
    WOW!!! emoticon
    2088 days ago
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