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A lesson in humility... Part 3 (the lesson)

Monday, September 03, 2012

I heard my name & my town announced as I approached the line, I walked several yards to the medal table where a kind volunteer handed me my medal, a banana, a water & a rose and then... oops LOL can you believe I totally forgot to stop my Garmin... so I turned my wrist, pushed stop & glanced at my screen which read: TA DA... 2:00. LOL I had to laugh at my absent mindedness (a/k/a as y’all have heard me refer to it “mental pause”.. after all the work & racing to reach that sub 2 I didn’t even think to stop my Garmin). Soon after a lady walked up and used a handheld device to scan my bib. Someone later told me they thought this was for “back up”?? I don’t know, I’ve never had a timing device that looked like the one on the back of my bib.

So I walk the finishers walkway (best term I can think of LOL) and as I stop to have my pic taken so I’ll have a memento of my historic home state half, my right calf began to cramp. After the photo I looked for hubby & son but they were nowhere to be found. Turns out they couldn’t find a parking spot within a couple miles of the race & were caught up in traffic due to the closed roads, but I didn’t know that, Jay had my phone. So I walk, (as cramping is coming & going in calves & toes & now a hip cramp), toward a tent marked “massage”. Just short of that tent the strangest thing happened, my calves, hamstrings, quads & hips literally all “seized up” & my entire lower body stiffened as it would in a seizure... I couldn’t stand on my feet at all, had no feeling in them and thank goodness I was on a sidewalk but near the grass so I just folded at the hip flexors & hit the grass on my (nicely padded lol) butt bone & fell to my back. I was so embarrassed as several people ran over to see if I was okay. I sat up & assured them I was only cramping and as I attempted to stretch it just hurt worse. Once I got myself stable enough I devoured the banana (up to that point any food sounded yuk)... I massaged & stretched as best I could, borrowed a phone to try & reach my hubby and after about 20 mins I made my way to the massage tent as a nice older lady offered me her umbrella to use as a cane. I waited about an hour for my turn but the massage techs were medical experts & this guy was incredible! (and quite gracious to work on my soaking wet, muddy body). He worked on active release, massaged my muscles, used a (blow dryer looking thingy) to roll over the muscles affected. He worked over my lower half over 20 mins & I felt so much better which was good considering I had to drive our son’s car home (for some needed repairs).

Hubs had finally met up w/ me and we spent a wonderful day with our Son then headed home. When I checked online for official finish times.. I couldn’t find my name and a search of my bib number showed it was assigned to another runner. By morning, however, this was cleared up but unfortunately, my chip apparently didn’t work :( they showed a blank in the chip time slot and my finish time was my clock time of 2:01:33.

I ran my heart out and was so disappointed that I couldn’t determine for sure if I got my sub 2. I think I did because I believe it took me over 1:33 to get to the start line but I’ll never know for certain. I don’t even know if the clock time equals the time on the lady’s scanner. But none-the-less, I accomplished an updated PR by 6 seconds lol (gotta look for the positives) and my clock time gave me a pleasing age group and overall finish for an ol’ chick :)

My hubby reminded me that I know what I accomplished and nothing else matters. I truly have taken his words to heart. As I continue to train for my Marathon, which I’ve said all along is my #1 priority, to finish healthy & VERTICAL, I must take the positive I learned from Saturday and push/run forward. I have to admit I questioned whether I can truly do this considering my 12.5 mile bonk... but as hubby reminds me, I will hopefully not be dealing with a looming storm & 90+% humidity on November 3rd in Indy... 2 months from today!!!

Thank you my friends for your ongoing support... I’ll continue to be there for you as you have been for me and may we all take our lessons in humility well and value them for what they’re worth which is MUCH.... very LARGE (as my family would say)!! And as I did when I crossed finish and hope I always have mind to do when I run.... I point to the Heavens and say thank you Lord, for a healthy body and an ability to run the race that is set before me.. may it never be for my glory but for yours!!!

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  • CMERUN29
    Great job, Deej! And yes, it was sub 2 if your Garmin said 2:00 and you know you didn't stop it right at the finish. Congrats on the PR! Hope the legs are feeling better.
    2111 days ago
    Deej---what a race sweetie!!!! Great job!!!! Sorry about that calf and timing issue though!

    How has the calf been???
    2112 days ago
    That sounds like a heckuva race! It's frustrating that you'll never quite know how you did, but know in your heart that you did the absolute BEST you could under the conditions. Lots of times when I'm having a "struggle" run, I say to myself, "WWDD? What would Deej do? Well, she wouldn't quit, that's for darn sure!" You ran a great race and you should be so proud - I know that I'm proud of you!!! emoticon
    2114 days ago
    Awesome job! I had this problem too in Miami Beach Halloween half last year. I showed them my Garmin and they posted that as my time. It so sucks when technology doesn't work right.

    2114 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    I know what its like to not know FOR SURE and have it OFFICIAL and that is soooo frustrating!!! Telling you that I am SURE you PRed doesnt fix it either, but I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! That was an amazing race and you have accomplished soooo much!! I just feel so very blessed to know such an amazing person, and wow, what an astounding runner! You are going to do so well in this marathon I cant even wait to hear all about it!!! Thank you so much for this three part series, I have been missing you and I feel like I'm right there with you! LOVE you girl!!! Great job!!! HUGS!!!
    2114 days ago
    You are an inspiration! You done good, GF!!! Love ya!!!
    2114 days ago
    Considering the weather that day you did a fantastic job!! You will "officially" break 2 hours soon...I have no doubt.
    2114 days ago
    YAY!!! I have no doubt that you broke 2 hrs!! I'm so sorry that leg/hip seized up! You poor dear! And yes!! to running for Him!! May all glory be given to Him!!! I always try to offer up every single run to Jesus~He is the reason that I can run and that I do run!
    2114 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    so your laying down the gauntlet for me running a sub 2...... your gonna force me to run another HM to get my sub 2. you have a great hubby that give you great advice and support.
    i am glad your doing ok and always appreciate you friendship and support. now onward and upward to that 26.2 stay healthy, stay strong!
    2114 days ago
    Congrats! Your hubby sure knows how to say the right things. You can do it! Depending on where the race is, I hope you won't have to deal with snow. With the goofy weather we've been having, it wouldn't surprise me!
    2114 days ago
    Sub 2 or no sub 2 ( did in all our minds) YOU ARE AMAZING! Love sister in menopause (or should I say mental pause?)
    2114 days ago
    “your Spark friends believe in you... they’ve done this so can you”

    Lady, you have no idea how MUCH I believe in you. I'm so proud of you for finishing. You are my heroine. emoticon
    2114 days ago
  • TESS504
    Congrats on your SUB-2 ( i think that means a half Marathon in under 2 hours). You did a wonderful job. I understand the disappointment of not knowing your chip time, but you give it 100% know that. emoticon
    2115 days ago
    Congrats! Good luck on your marathon! Be sure to listen to your body and have an amazing time!
    2115 days ago
  • TAMTAM64
    What a wonderful 3 part blog! You know me... I kinda smiled as I was reading about you cramping up and hitting the ground. Heck, I laughed - hehe but you know I am just laughing about how mortified you probably felt! And walking with a umbrella for a cane to the massage tent - well, girl, there is no doubt you gave it your all!! :)

    You are such a strong runner and a strong woman! I have no doubt that you had a sub 2 hour half.

    Be proud of how you ran that race. You truly did your best and you totally rocked it!

    Love you. Tammy
    2115 days ago
  • ACTIVE_AT_60
    Deej - congrats on your Sub-2 ... I will I could get my old body to do that (I am older than you :-p ). I am so happy for you.
    2115 days ago
    God is so very good to us! Congratulations on your sub 2 hour half marathon. You rock chicka, but then, you don't have to be fast for that - you are such a dear sweet friend. I'm happy for you that the massage person was an expert in his field, and not just a student volunteer LOL. It sounds like you really needed it at that point.

    I'm so impressed with you running the race with the storm looming. Evacuation notifications and all - you pressed on and got it rocking and rolling. WOOHOO!!!

    emoticon and emoticon
    2115 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    How very odd with the bib thing and I have never heard of such problems. So sorry, Deej, for that debacle. What the heck happened with the cramping issue? To have your leg seize up like that.

    Deej, I am going to congratulate you on your sub-2 HM cuz I know you did it. Love you and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Job well done.

    Press on with your marathon training!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2115 days ago
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