Monday, September 03, 2012

So! I'm NOT trying to brag.. because honestly, I KNOW i still have a lot of butter to burn! but, I just have to share 2 compliments I got recently. (one 2 days ago and one today).

A co-worker who is also a personal trainer, was talking to me for a minute on friday, and she just HAD to tell me that i'm looking good, and asked how much weight i lost etc, but she shared with me one of those moments people have when they REALLY notice something, she wanted to let me know she seen me walking from across the gym a few days back and was like, wow! she is really getting smaller. and said in the past few weeks it was even more noticeable and she was happy for me. and to keep it up.. etc.
well, that made my day for sure! she has like the perfect, toned body. (yes i know we all have different shapes.) but for her its perfect and toned. so, just makes ya feel good when a personal trainer notices.
And then, today, a client of mine was mentioning about her weight loss recently and i mentioned mine etc. and she couldnt believe i had 24 more pounds to lose cause she said, she thought i looked "TINY". lol maybe its that she's a tall girl and its a matter of perspective. lol but I seriously dont think i'm at the stage yet to be called "tiny" but still, she was a really thin, toned girl etc.. so i guess hearing an honest "thought" she had about my body size, made my day today..
i know it doesnt "matter" what people think. but we live in a society that has gotten in our heads with comparing our bodies etc. and i am prob always gonna carry the scars of that in different ways. like it really making me smile and feel good to hear that opinion from someone like her.

Anyway, JUST had to share. it just makes me smile. I know Its not totally "true" yet, but i'm on my way, i'm so close to actually being "tiny". i cant imagine, but i almost can.
i've referred to myself as "giant size" now i might be more like "medium size" on my way to "tiny size" lol but i'll take the vision now run with it! :) at least i'll try to. its hard to not think of myself as giant size, cause i'm not where i wanna be yet. but i have to reprogram my brain to accept that i am truly NOT where i was. i really hated being "giant size".

on a side not, starting another 3 day shakeology cleanse today. they say.. ya know , the "theys" that its good to do your cleanses at the change of season and that time is now here in ak. the fireweed is done blooming. fall is here.
I blogged about the cleanse before explaining it all.

Anyway, thanks so much for all your accolades and reading my blogs and spark page. it does mean a lot to have a network here of people and "spark friends" who are all in the same boat.

i was starting at 210 pounds i longed to see the numbers be lower, i wanted to be where i seen other peoples trackers at etc. but i had to live out each day and make it happen for myself and i hope and pray i never go back, cause its a good feeling to know i'm actually no longer that same unhealthy person. *i'm still "me" but you know what i mean.


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