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Just when you thought nothing else can happen...(watch the language)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Life really surprises you, doesn't it? I have an already jam-packed life, and now I have to add in job hunting. I got fired on Friday. Because I'm fat. That pretty much sums it up, but here's the long story...

Back goes out a couple of weeks ago, gets a little better, then Thursday BAM! (and not in the good way). I can't get out of bed. So, I call in sick. It's a slow day, and the office manager should be able to cover, right? I mean, after all she does get paid salary for working two hours a day where she only comes in and collects the money from the day before. I do all of her other work, aside from hiring new people. I mean, I am front office, collections, trainer, insurance supervisor, back office supervisor...whatever she needs me to do, I do it. Honestly, she doesn't need me to do anything, because she doesn't actually do much when she does work. But, whatever. I've been dealing with this same crap for the past six years. I haven't gotten a raise in four years. Everything that goes wrong in the office is my fault. And, yet, when they leave town (the office manager and the doctor are married with kids), I am the one in charge? So, I must not be doing everything wrong, right? Because they would not leave me in charge, right? The bullst has ran off four good employees in the past year and a half, all of which were there for years. Noone wants to work for someone that treats them like a dog, but I stuck in there because I didn't want to leave them without someone to run the office. Now, I'm pretty much like, whatever. Should I go in to work on Tuesday, or just say fk it?

Why would I go into work on Tuesday if I was fired? Because I wasn't fired, per se. I was told to look for a job, go to the gym (more on that in the next paragraph), and give her a week or two's notice before I started the new job. Because she "cares". Dude, whatever! Your sorry arse just doesn't want to pay me unemployment so you "let" me have more time off to go to the gym and to look for a job because you "care". So nice of you!

So, the gym. She tells me that I need to go to the gym (well, DUH!) and that I can do that on the day off and the weekends. Well, how gracious of you, little mrs get the hl up right before your husband takes your son to the bus stop, just to brush your teeth to take the other son to the bus stop, go back home and sleep. Then, you go to the gym, shower, show up at work at two or three in the afternoon. To leave work at four to take your sons to Tae Qwon Do or swim practice or whatever you have them doing to make you not actually have to take care of them. They have McDonald's or Taco Bell at lunch every day, pb sandwiches for breakfast, and he picks up something for dinner every night on his way home from being at work for nine hours. She even has people to clean her house! No, I'm not jealous, I just want to know why rich people have to be more important than the little people? I mean, I would absolutely LOVE to get paid to sit on my arse at home or go to the gym and have people clean my house. Normal people have to find time in their day to spend time with the family, cook because they can't afford to eat out every meal, and clean the house, plus the extracurriculars (of which my children have one, Girl Scouts). No, my language is not very GS-like, but I really don't care right now. I am pissed!

Oh, yeah, why can I justify saying that I was fired for being fat? Because she said "it's not about the weight, really, you're just unhealthy. It's your back today, next it's going to be your knees, your shoulder, your heart." Gee, thanks for worrying! WTF do you think I was trying to work on myself? I'm sorry that I got the bad end of the gene pool. I mean, asthma, double joints that pop out when they want, back problems, bad eyes, being fat. Only the last happened when I was older, when I was fat. Yes, I had all those other problems before becoming the freaking whale that I am now. It's not like I'm not trying, it's just that it's not happening fast enough.

I mean, it's not like I wasn't trying to get out of that job, anyway. When I first started there, they were good people. Now, I really think (and I'm not the only employee that thinks that) they are having marital problems. The rumours (from their neighbors) about cheating, the mid life crisis the both of them seem to be going through, the constant fighting at work, in front of patients! To top it off, the business isn't as profitable as it should be. She has had to borrow money to pay wages several times. They are even debating whether to close for good and him go back to the hospital (with her going back to work as an RN?) or whether to buy a condo at the beach, move into the top floor and have the clinic at the bottom. With one employee, her. To be medical assistant and billing all rolled up into one? HAHAHAHA, that's pretty much what I'm doing right now, there's no way she will allow that to happen. She's straight up too spoiled!

Am I bitter, yeah I am! If you are going to fire me, FIRE ME! Don't beat around the bush and be all wishy-washy. Now, the big question remains, do I go into work on Tuesday, or just tell her where to shove it? Hmmm...let me see how tomorrow goes! Let me see if my kids piss me off enough to tell her where to put the job, or if I'm going to suck it up and be all nice and good for my last few days. And, I need luck finding a job since I've been trying for the past two years, with no luck! Lots of applications, but no call-backs. It's not like I haven't been trying. Let me stop before I go all bi-polar and get sappy, poor me up in here. I'ma stop while I'm just pissed!
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  • TIGGER2094
    emoticon all! One of the girls told me today that they confronted her about why I had days off, saying that they thought I needed the money. After some prodding, she was told by the office manager that "we just cannot stand each other right now and we need time apart". To that, the girl says "so, when you give me time off, I'll know that means you can't stand me, either" emoticon oops!

    2356 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Glad you already have another interview. Praying the Lord will guide your decision .Also praying she wakes up and realizes the great employee she had will be hard to replace.
    2357 days ago
    I pray everything works out in your favor. emoticon
    2357 days ago
    Hoping everything works out in your favor
    2357 days ago
    Hoping everything works out in your favor
    2357 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Thank you, Mel, my friend! I just got the first call for an interview! I am going in tomorrow, already had the morning off for my daughter's dental appointment. Oh, boy, I am so nervous, I hate starting a new job lol.
    2358 days ago
    Not good for anyone. I hope your decision is a good one and all will be well soon for you. emoticon
    2358 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Oops, the last comment by me came out wrong lol. Should have read that I was thiiis close to telling my boss where to stuff it when she told me all that on Friday but I figured I was the bigger person and didn't.

    Imreite, all I have to say is thank God I was preparing. I had been shopping around, we need insurance for my husband and I, and I'd like to be closer. Nothing really panned out, and I wasn't looking hard. Dropped a few resumes out there. So, I just did a little resume update and printed out a ream of them lol.
    2358 days ago
    i had a job where a supervisor kept asking if i was "happy at work". when i got laid off it was a surprise, but i wish i had paid attention to the clues. i could have worked on my job skills and resume so i would have been ready. but i'll admit i have applied for different positions and have not gotten any changes.
    2358 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Angritter, I am so sorry about what happened! Similar happened to a friend of mine, she was out of a job for a long time trying to recover. I came thiiiiis close to telling her where to stuff it, but I figured I was the better person.

    Unfortunately, her husband does the same thing. One of the patient's moms, a friend of mine, overheard him berating me one day. When I was checking her daughter in, she remarked about how he was talking to me. The office manager has done the same, berated an employee while patients were in the next room, door opened. As a matter of fact, one of the girls left after the doctor pretty much told a mother on the phone that the medical assistant didn't know what she was talking about. WHEN WHAT SHE WAS SAYING WAS WRITTEN DOWN IN HIS PROTOCOL FOR THAT TYPE OF CALL

    Luckily, most of the girls they hire are college students (so they can hire part-time, not pay much, and not offer any benefits) and they can just live off mommy and daddy (they were already living at home). The girl whose parents told her that they would no longer support her since she just graduated, was able to find a good job after they ran her off. And, the girl that has nobody to help her raise her two young kids found a good job after they ran her off, too. Even the ARNP is looking elsewhere. She's been commenting on how badly the office is being ran for the past few years. Compared to her other part time job, as ARNP at a competitor's office.

    I am making plans on when and how to quit. She told me to give her a week or two notice when I quit, but if the right job comes along...
    2358 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Milpam, that's why I am going in tomorrow. I've decided to just go in with my head up high, and take every dime of pay she gives me so my family will not go hungry.

    Thank you, KC, and all of you, I had to vent or I'd go insane! Next post will be MUCH happier, I promise!

    Tisten, I love what I do. I work in a pediatrician's office. I am the one that will get the kids to do a strep test, have their ears cleaned, or hold them down and give a shot if needed. I love the back office, the front office sucks rocks. But, that's where I am, for the most part, the smiling face that plays with the kids before they go back. These kids have grown up while I've been working there, some of them have started treating me as a confidant, telling me things that they might not otherwise tell someone else. If it's a health risk, I tell them that the doctor needs to know. If it's just something that's ~whatever~ noone has to know. I get hugged daily. Pictures are drawn for me. The doctor gets them, too, of course, but I'm Mrs. Tamika, the smiling, crazy lady up front with the lollis and stickers :D The bosses are the only thing I'd really change about the job (and maybe a little more money to live off).

    DancingWillow, I am so much bigger than her, she is a 5'1" 110 pounder and I'm 5'8" and 230. I am afraid that if I so much as slapped her I'd break her face lol. Not really, I try not to be violent. It was pretty hard not to walk the ___ out right then and there. I took this long, deep breath and just agreed with her. Yes, I need to go the gym. Yes, it would be beneficial for me to find another job. Yes, I will train my replacement and get the office in order. Not that it's out of order, just noone knows my filing system. I mean, when I'm off work, people call me looking for stuff. "It's in my file, marked " whatever the folder is named. If they can't find the paper copy, there is a copy of everything on my hard drive, just look on my "public" under "Tamika's Stuff". And, why should I train my replacement when they just fired me? Because I really need the money. We are just now getting everything paid up and saving money after my husband's surgery and recovery. I don't want to go through that again. Especially not so soon.

    And, between you and me, my stomach is part of the reason I can hold the kids down so well giving shots. They put their legs off the end of the bed, my legs go around theirs, and my stomach sits nicely on top of their knees lol ;-)

    2358 days ago
    Oooow-weee! I can't stand that kind of person. This is the same thing my government job did to me "we're going to suspend you for one week without pay", even though it is illegal to send a salaried employee home and not pay them.

    Well, I was a hot head and told them that if they were just going to find a reason to fire me, then they had better do it now because I was not wasting my gas or time to drive my arse back up there just to get fired. Well, the fired me. I had a nervous breakdown and have been unemployed and unemployable since the breakdown - I have never recovered completely. I never got unemployment, my boyfriend left me with all the bills, and now I have to live with my parents taking care of all the bills and I sit here and try to get help with my issues and my broken-down body.

    So, all I have to say is I should have sucked it up and went home, talked to the labor board and got my week's pay and then I would have been eligible for insurance for another month. If you can afford to be out of a job, walk out and tell them to stick it. If you can't, then suck it up and make her feel like crap when she sees you next. But be prepared... she's probably looking for a good reason to fire you and put it on paper to keep you from getting unemployment. Does her husband know what she's doing to the office staff?

    If you quit - please knock her socks off with the manner in which you do it!! It would be illegal to knock her OUT of her socks! But I do hope it all works out for you and leaves her high and dry.
    2358 days ago
    As someone said, "We are ALL willing workers. Some are willing to work, and others are willing for them to work." It's aggravating to be the one who is exploited, but remember, YOU are the one to be applauded for the good work ethic. Let her be the one to make the break between you and your position. You deserve to be paid while you look for a new one.
    2359 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    Wow! That is a terrible work situation. Not sure I could work under all that stress. Best wishes to you & hope your decision is one that is best for you & your family. emoticon emoticon
    2359 days ago
  • TISTEN23
    Oh my!! That is awful! I cant stand people like her!!! BAD CHICKEN!!! Thats what she is!!! Just take sometime, and think about you. Would you be happier in a new job? Would it help you to make healthier choices and reduce stress?

    Good luck. I will be here cheering you on!!!
    2359 days ago
    Holy sh*t!!!!!! That's absolutely insane and no one needs to be treated like that! Especially when you have been working there for six years and essentially doing her job for her! I would tell them to take the job and shove it up their arses! That's just not right! You don't tell someone they should go to the gym!!!! I would have slapped her right then and there and told her that your health was your business, whether you're working in a medical office or not. I'm sure the patients don't care. Although, on the other hand I know that it can be tough without a job and job hunting isn't easy.

    Keep your head up! You deserve much better than that place!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
    2359 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Jenny, thank you :) I am pretty much the same way, if I see something isn't right on my receipt, I go right back into the store. I am planning on going into work and just doing my job. She told me to use her as a reference, but why, exactly? I mean, are you going to lie and say I'm a good worker or are you going to tell them what a horrible worker I am?

    Diana, good luck with your job hunt. I don't like burning bridges, either, but this one has the gas and matches right there...lol. In the seven years I worked there, I've seen some things that should not have happened there. The ARNP referred to the doctor as a "grumpy old man" because of how bi-polar he seems. Of course, not to his face! The employees have had so many conversations about things the bosses have done or said. I could write a book! I just was scared to bring anything up with the labor board because I was afraid for my job. I mean, the office manager will not come in to relieve us for lunch break, yet we will not close for lunch? We were told, on more than one occasion, that we were not getting a lunch break because we were too busy. I checked, it's perfectly legal to not allow a lunch break in Florida if you are over 18 years old.

    Tish, when I started to work there, I had three grandparents alive, my husband had two. I now have one still living and my husband's are all gone. They pretty much died within two and a half years of each other. My husband's mother died during that time, too! The first one, no problem, take off however long. Second, she wanted me to only be gone one day, no problem, he was buried in town. Third, fourth, fifth (mil, and grand-in-laws) are all buried three hours from our house. That was a two-day trip, with going to the wake and funeral. I guess her son could have skipped her wake, but it really didn't seem right...ANYWAY! So, mil funeral she gives me a little fit about, why do I have to go for two days? When his grandparents died, about a month apart from each other, the first one she says "how many grandparents do you have?" REALLY? Um, I have two parents, he has two parents, they each have two parents...! Yeah, I have been looking, when I see a good opportunity or hear of one, I send a resume. Now, I am going to actually walk in places with my day off and show my face. It's been too late for some job opportunities, but with the competitive market here, it's really me against a hundred other applicants.

    NancyPat, I definately will try. Taking care of me has always been last on my long list of people to take care of lol with three kids, two dogs, and a husband!
    2359 days ago
  • JENNY160
    Go in to work, head held high, as if nothing happened. Make sure you do NOTHING that can come back on you later. Just because you get fired doesn't mean they have to pay you unemployment. They can file some sort of claim against you with the state, and if they can prove you did anything bad, and the hearing does not go in your favor, then you have to pay any unemployment benefits back that you have received up to that date. This happened to my mother in the 90's. They accused her of something she didn't do, but they somehow got an employee to say they saw her do it. The irony is that my mother is the kind of person that, if you give her too much change back, she'll turn around and come back to return the overage. She actually went back to Walmart last week because two items she bought didn't show up on the receipt, so she assumed she had not been charged for the items. They had no idea what to do with her when she went to customer service!

    Anyway, if they don't want to actually fire you because of not wanting to pay you benefits, that can be a good thing. It buys you time to find the new job and doesn't look like a period of unemployment on your resume.

    By the way, don't refer to yourself as a whale. You're very pretty.
    2359 days ago
    WOW! I would go into work as scheduled like nothing happened. And I would contact the labor board in your area and ask what constitutes a hostile work environment. Because that phone call may be the start of one. There are boundaries for both employees and employers. And when she said, it's not about the weight, I'm pretty sure she went out of bounds. Find out what your options are under the circumstances. Sounds like for several reasons the job is going to disappear soon and if you (like I) have been looking and it seems like your resume is going into a black hole. You most likely can't afford to burn this bridge right now, but you can prepare for the worst. If they are thinking of closing the office, she may very well be making you miserable enough to quit so she won't have the expense of paying your unemployment benefits. If she's borrowing money to pay wages chances are the proper with holding taxes are not being paid either.

    Good luck with all this!

    2359 days ago
    It sounds like these people are impossible to work for and they want to fire anyone who ever has a problem where the employee can't make it to work. People like this would expect you to come to work if your parent died. They lack empathy. They are creeps. I have worked for the spoiled rich too and know the signs and symptoms. You really do need a new job and should start looking. I think they will back off on the threats but I also think they will never be anything but terrible employers. I would do what they say. They sound like they are losing their butts anyway and going down the tubes.
    2359 days ago
    Take a breath and take care of you.
    2359 days ago
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