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they say it comes in threes ...and.....MEN

Sunday, September 02, 2012

first the washing machine broke again(not to bad as it is still under warrenty provideing i can find where lotfi put it.)second the main line phone isn´t working.it is ringing in but for some reason when i pick it up to answer it carries on ringing.i also can´t ring out on it. three(ok there is more than three one of those days)lotfi had a car accident,no one hurt.lotfi backed over a metal post.metal post bent car all dented and the boot door wont open,lol.fourth,ayman has come out in spots looks like could be measels,lol.normally on a sunday my sil comes with her kids has a meal here etc.i canceled said it might be better not to come because of aymans spots.so lotfi took ayyub over there to play with his cousin nebras(not that he is not usually by us lol)just got a phone call from lotfi so number five.ayyub has had an accident and cut his head open.apperantly it is deep so will propably need stitches.i suggested he brings his sister or niece here to look after the kids while i go with him and ayyub to the hospital.i have his medical card plus if they need any information i am better at it than lotfi.lotfi didn´t want to do that he and his nephew(18) are takening in the car direct to the nearest hospital.which is not ayyubs usual hospital which has all his records etc.here comes the MEN bit.i said they are going to want to know if he has been in hospital before and why etc.my beautiful man said to me on the phone.has ayyub been in hospital he hasn´t has he?i was cobbed smack.lotfi ayyub was on a heart monitor even at home along with oxygen etc for the first 16 months of his life.he has had two operations been hospitalised 9 times in three differant hospitals ,two of that times were in intensive care over along period.HAS HE EVER BEEN IN HOSPITAL? i ask you.where was lotfi when all this was going on.i know when ayyub wason the heart monitor i was the one who always had to deal with it because lotfi refused no matter how many times i offered to show him etc but to have whiped that terrible time(which it was)totally out of his memory ,i don´t know.i know i am the one who takes ayyub tohis heart specialist for check ups every year and twice a year to the lung specialist but does lotfi never listen when i say we are going and when i tell him what the specialist says when we get back.ok i know ayyub is now the healthiest of our three children but that doesn´t mean he is ok.he still has an oval heart and heart murmur even though the whole in his heart closed last year and he still has to be careful from infections etc.i don´t know MEN.oh he just phoned me on the way to the hospital to ask me what ayyubs date of birth is.like HELLO.i also told him again the childrens dr´s name as i know he would forget,lol.i am expecting a phone call anyminute and i bet he will forget that ayyub had an operation only last month on his teeth.maybe i should phone and remind him.i don´t see why his sister or niece couldn´t have come here for me to have gone as i am sitting here worrying how bad it might be as i haven´t seen the cut.oh well better do zakariyas and aymans dinner now only doing something quick noodles in a homemade tomatoe sauce.i just wish we hadn´t made them date and walnuts scones earlier as they are calling me as sweet stuff always do when i am worried or stress.let you know how it goes with ayyub when i know.but MEN.
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2049 days ago
  • 4BOYZ4ME
    Ugh!!!! You really do have to wonder where they've been when they can't remember certain things. I hope Ayyub is okay. {{{{HUGS}}}}
    2056 days ago
  • GERRI4
    Not a good day, but all is manageable UNTIL men get involved....then it all goes pear shaped emoticon
    Hope Ayyub is ok and it was nothing too serious.
    2057 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2057 days ago
    2057 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I agree ... hang in there ...
    2057 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    So glad I no longer have that problem (a man) in my life. It's so much easier. Hang in there, Kiddo!
    2057 days ago
    Ohh my Goodness MEN.
    Well my sweet I hope it all turned out for the best .. and Ayyubs head wound gets sown up ..
    Perhaps you need the make a list of all the boys problems and meds and have Lotfi keep it in his wallet!!.
    Most men would leave it all to us !!. try not to eat what you shouldn't take a deep breath and think well it could have been worse !!
    Life is always thowing us problems and a you said, it always seems to come in threes. Much love to you all my dear friend Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2057 days ago
    not an easy day for you, hope it is better soon.
    Don't eat the sweet stuff, you've done so well with the tracking, stick to a streak!
    2057 days ago
    2057 days ago
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