Helloooo September!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I love you guys, you always give me such good advice! I've decided that the theme for September is going to be, 'Out with the old, and stare really hard at the new before you let it in!' Starting right now, I'm going to begin dealing with the clutter of my life, whether it's stuff, activities, people, whatever.

Today I'm starting in the bedroom. Some of this will be hard & some will be easy. I have a LOT of tubs of clothing in sizes that don't fit. I have a hard time just getting rid of things that I sincerely hope (and even plan) to be able to fit into again, but since Sean moved home I no longer have an extra room to store them. maybe I just need to whittle down to the items I love (storing the tubs in the attic), and get rid of the rest. Other than that i need to get over the thought, 'that could be useful,' and just toss it!

Activities (or lack thereof) - I need to get rid of much of the 'sitting on my ass watching TV or surfing the net' time. That totally clutters up my time! I got rid of most of the 'obligations' cluttering of my time, now it's time to get rid of the time wasting cluttering.

People - hate to say it, but I think it's time to ditch dude #1. He is either way to busy, not really interested (but I'm the only one responding right now), oblivious, married, not interested in the same type of relationship I'm interested in, or some combination of the above! We've been emailing for 2+ months now, and the only time I've seen him is when I went to watch him play volleyball. Everything else, even activities he suggested, just didn't happen. I want someone to hang out with, so this is not working for me. Cluttering up my energy - time to go!

There may be more, but that's a good start. Time to hit my bedroom...out with the old!
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