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Bypass Patient said to me 3 years Post Surgery...

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I am gaining all my weight back! I still can’t get the hang of this weight-loss thing!” I went to the football game last night and saw a friend who lost 100 lbs in 1 year after having bypass surgery and is now gaining her weight back just 2 years later.

She is depressed, confused, deflated, and can’t believe it is happening again and eventually she will probably be included in the large group of people who fail to get to, and maintain, a healthy weight with Weight Loss Surgery.

I also have lapband friends who have not lost any weight with their bands at all and who are still on the yo-yo dieting system of losing a pound or two or five, maybe, and then gaining back eight. They are constantly changing from diet to diet and eating out all the time and they really haven’t changed their old ways of doing things since surgery. And just like my friend above, “They still can’t get the hang of the weight-loss thing either.”

My own primary care physician said to me when I first started thinking about surgery and said, “I have seen many of my patients do very well with the lapband and kept their weight off but then I have a male friend who got the lapband and lost 200 lbs at first, but he stopped doing the work he needed to do and started putting stuff like chicken fried steak and gravy in a blender and drinking it! He gained back 250 lbs!! My Dr. told me this example so that I would know full well that I would have to be willing to do the work and change my lifestyle or having surgery wouldn’t work for me either.

I thought to myslef: OMG! CFS with gravy in a blender!! Are you freaking kidding me? Why would you continue to do things the old way that got you fat in the first place after having surgery?

Most people who have surgery are doing it because they think they don't have any other choice and this is the last chance of living a thin healthy life. I was one of them.... I was so fat at 265 and had lost a million pounds and gained a million plus more back over 40 years, that I had given up the hope completely and at 5'2" I was on my way to 300 lbs and death.

And so, here I rant and shout to myself and others for us to wake up!--It makes me very sad that even with having surgery and being laid out on a table and having a Dr. cut your insides out and re-route your innards or having a band unnaturally placed around your stomach with a tube running to a port that can be filled with fluid like a car that gets gas, some people have not been successful. WHY…?

It’s NOT the surgery that is going to take or keep the weight off people!! Initially the band just forces us to re-learn new habits. After a while, we are expected to learn, follow the rules, and change.

If we don’t change our stress levels, eating and exercise choices, and overall personal lifestyle choices, we will be right back into the same boat that we were in before surgery. OBESE!

The surgery is a tool to help us but We HAVE TO CHANGE! It is not a "magic pill or magic wand." WE HAVE TO CHANGE.

If I give up or diminish my resolve to lose weight by saying passive things like “I’ve done the best I could” when in reality I have not, then I don’t have a right to complain that my surgery didn’t work.

It wasn’t the surgery that didn’t work—we didn’t do our part and use our tool. Who says that having wls is taking the easy way out? It’s NOT an easy way out—we still have to do the same work as everyone else who wants to get healthy. It is just a tool to help us do the hard work, that’s all it is.

If you don't lose weight with WLS then maybe you need to go back and evaluate what YOU are doing that needs to CHANGE. At least go back and follow the basic guidelines you were given post-surgery and start again. Get that spark back; don’t just lie down and say, Oh Well, it is what it is…..fight back!

It’s your life that we’re talking about here! Don’t settle for mediocrity. Achieve your goals—all of them. You CAN do it! Don’t give up! And for heaven’s sake change your lifestyle--don’t become a statistic of the wls failures.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Best blog I have read yet this year, Paula -- absolutely outstanding. Thanks, thanks and more thanks -- same wisdom and bluntness applies to anyone at all who is struggling to maintain healthy weight and fitness.

    You are AMAZING!! Clear-eyed, strong-minded and warm-hearted to the max. So glad for your presence, your example and your words.

    2056 days ago
    Powerful statement: "Don't settle for mediocrity." You've made quite an impression and were so smart for leaving that to the end to sum up the theme. You are a champion in all ways, my friend Paula.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You're also a woman of many hats.
    2057 days ago
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