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Friday, August 31st, 2012--Darn that was good...I gotta write that one down!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Well, this has been an interesting two weeks. Of course, we are back at school and as always, each new year starts of with challenges and changes. However, I have decided that this year WILL be different. I feel a change in the atmosphere and that change is a good one...a refreshing one...this is a NEW DAY!

That being said, our focus has changed this year (finally) and we are now trying to put the emphasis on the student, not on the test scores that he/she can produce (which I have said has needed to happen for years now). Anyway, I have decided to show the kids this year that I am (perhaps more than ever) all about them. Who they are, what they like/dislike, what they want to become...and how to help them get there. One way to do this is to show that I am there with them, through whatever challenge(s) they may face. Here's an example. This week we started evaluating their physical fitness due to new state guidelines/requirements for our P.E. department. So, because I am all about them (and maybe a little healthy competition), I decided to take part in the eval. Areas tested: mile run, sit-ups ( in one minute), push-ups and sit and reach test. So...my 8th grade results (completed in the afternoon in upper 80 degree temps) 8:21 mile, 25 push-ups, 48 sit-ups and a +3 on the reach test. My 7th grade results (morning, cooler, but strained hamstring) 9:01 mile, 35 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and still a +3 on the reach test (not stellar, but more flexible than I figured). Yeah, ok, so some of the kids (well, a lot of the kids) are faster than me on the mile, but they were really impressed on the push-ups and sit-ups (made for a lot of high-fives and knucle rapping). It was fun and I enjoyed talking to the kids and them seeing that my talk about fitness and wellness isn't just a lot of BS. I live this stuff and I put my money where my mouth is! Of course, they have to do it again in the spring to show growth/improvement (which is of course solely the reaction to what our PE teacher has them do...), so I have some work to do (I'm aiming for 50 push-ups and over 60 sit-ups. I'm not sure about the run yet...) but I want them to see that I am committed to them and their improvement over the long haul.

So, where does this lead...the long haul. Wellness, fitness or any other life goal is a journey, and a long one at that (hopefully...since I'm planning on living to at least 100, so that leaves another 58 years for improvement). That being said, and something that I hope I can pass on to my students, as well as my training clients, friends and loved ones (yep, that's all of you!!!), don't be frustrated or give up if that change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, training and patience. I wrote a comment on a friend's blog today (ON2VICTORY, I didn't ask permission, but I hope you don't mind if I repost...) that I think says it all (in fact, I was sort of surprised at how good it sounded :) ) so here goes:

I will turn 43 in October, and there are days that I feel the same way you do. frustrated that even though I have come so far, I still have a million miles to go to get to where I want to be. But you know, it is amazing how we let our minds talk to ourselves about what we've done, where we've been and where we are going. We would never in a million years think of talking to someone else the way we talk to ourselves and yet we accept it...it's ok because it's just us and we are being "honest" with ourselves. But then I think, are we really being honest, or are we letting that horrible little limiting voice in our head determine our success? I mean really...where have we come from and where are we now? That kind of transformation is daunting to say the least and yet, we have accomplished it. Perhaps it isn't the entirety of what we want to do or become, but my goodness it is a change that not a lot of people even have the courage to attempt let alone achieve. I tell my students all the time, the body will do what we tell it to. The minute you let that little voice say, "you can't", your body (and your ultimate success) is already limited. I tell them all the time, "tell that stupid little voice to shut up and go fall in a hole!" You are worth so much more than that voice will ever let you experience. You ARE worthy, you ARE strong, you ARE beautiful, you ARE smart, and you WILL achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to!!! Keep on with this battle and never discount the success you have or the accomplishments you have reached. Life is a journey, not merely a destination...it's all about how you travel. Travel well my friend!!!

So remember...do your best, each and every day. Don't let that stupid little voice tell you you aren't worthy or any of it's other negative messages. This life is a journey and we have many things that we will do and goals that we will set, and destinations that we will reach. Every one of my students (and every one of you) has a dream...they just need a little push to get there. Will we always reach the destination as quickly or as easily as we wish? Will we always run that 7 minute mile? Maybe, maybe not. But let's make the journey an enjoyable one...make each day a learning experience. Learn about ourselves and the world in which we live. And remember, you ARE capable of doing far more than that little voice inside your head could ever imagine. Enjoy the ride!! Grab hold of that dream/goal and never let go!! YOU WILL ACHIEVE!!!
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