The breakdown of why my sister is still in the hospital

Friday, August 31, 2012

My sister went in for stomach pains and they told her that her gallbladder was infected.
They removed the galbladder.
After my sister is sent home she starts feeling enough pain that she's passing out. She has a disease that mimics fibromyalgia so it takes a lot of pain to make her pass out.
When they go back to the hospital she's told she's just constipated and they tell her she has to stay at the hospital till it passes. They make her walk for 3 days before they start to think its something else.
Meanwhile her stomach is getting bigger and bigger.
They finally get a new doctor who says the burning and bloating isn't backed up gas, it's bile that's leaking from the liver. He thinks one of the clamps (that keeps the bile from going to where the galbladder used to be) has shifted.
Ultrasounds show that's not it. They go in and put in a stent in the duct that they say is leaking.
Then they use her gal bladder incisions to pull out 3.5 liters of fluid from her stomach. (I would like to find the idiot who told her that she was just constipated and strangle him.)
The next day her stomach is still extremely swollen and tests show she's still leaking.
They go in and put in a different stent to fix it.
But now some of that fluid has been in there so long that a bacterial fungus is in it and it's too thick to pull out the rest of the fluid the same way they did the first time.
So they put what my brother in law called valves in and it slowly leaked some of that fluid into a container next to her. But that wasn't working.
So on Tuesday they did an open stomach surgery where they cut her open almost like a c-section to get out the fluid and see what was actually causing the problem.
It was a clip that had moved just like the first doctor had said it was.
Now she's going to be in ICU for a few days and hopefully she's home next week which will make it a whole month including the initial gallbladder surgery.

It seems to me that they just did a lot of guessing. If ultrasounds and other tests aren't showing what you want to see and this person has been in constant pain for over three weeks... why are you not opening them up to actually see what's going on? We have these cameras and tiny mechanical hands but this isn't open heart surgery, it's less of a risk.

But my brother in law said she's feeling much better this morning. She can't feel the burning and she's not leaking air into her shoulders (it was going up from her stomach and settling into her shoulders) and she's not leaking fluid.
I'm back in Oregon. I had to leave Cali yesterday to get my job stuff signed and ready to go. Just venting some frustration.
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  • 123ELAINE456
    Sorry to hear about your Sister and everything she went through. Hope she is on the road to recovery and will be home very soon. God Bless You, Your Sister and Families. Hvw a Wonderful Week.
    2636 days ago
    That is just awful - and stories like that make my sister even more adamant that she will NOT have her gallbladder removed.

    Best wishes for your sister's speedy and full recovery!
    2637 days ago
    Prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Intense to have our loved ones in such uncertainty ~ I can't imagine.
    2637 days ago
  • DONNA5281

    I am so sorry for what they did to your sister What kind of Dr. did she have? Not very bright I would say!!
    I hope she feels better real soon.
    My prayers are with you and your family.

    emoticon For your sister. emoticon
    2637 days ago

    I sincerely hope she's now on the mend and no further complications arise.
    2637 days ago
    I am so sorry that this happened to your sister, I can only imagine the pain she was in. I am happy that she is on her way to recovery....hopefully, this will be the last of it! One thing I do know, when doctors labeled me with Fibromyalgia, they ignored everything that was wrong with me. emoticon
    2637 days ago
    Oh man! That poor thing! I certainly hope this does it and she recovers quickly!
    2637 days ago
  • LDAVIS648
    i know its frustrating when you are not with the loved ones twhen they need you, keep in constant contact as much as possible to let them know that you are there for them, and to let yourself know that you are doing all you can at the pressent. and to keep prayers going as well as a prayer chain. my prayers are with you all.
    2637 days ago
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