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Need to get back up

Friday, August 31, 2012

Okay after 9 weeks resulting in almost no weight loss I fell. I fell off the path I had set for myself. I tried Atkins for 8 weeks and didn't 'cheat' and lost 2 pounds then gained it back in one weekend of bad choices. And even though I said I just need to keep going I didn't listen to that me but rather to the me that cried 'this isn't fair - why am I working so hard if I get no results?!? wahhhh!' So this week I decided to count my calories. But do I do it right? No - I decide I'll count calories so why can't I squeeze in a cookie or two (or three) as long as I count it and don't go over - right? WRONG! Once I eat the crappy things I lose control and crave other crappy things.

I was supposed to weigh myself this morning but didn't - I didn't count anything past breakfast yesterday and figured I do really good today and weigh myself Saturday morning (ahh the games we play even with ourselves).

So flash forward to next week - I need to combine low carb (so I can control how much I eat), calorie counting and exercise. Before I was doing good low carb and exercising but no weight loss so I think I need to count calories too. I just have to get over my thinking that counting calories means a little of anything I want - I need to stick to low carb. Moderation may work for some but not for me - I just start craving junk food once I cross the line - I think it's mental for me.

So I need to pull myself back up and keep going. Hopefully I can learn to view these past 9 weeks not as wasted time and failed effort but as a learning experience. I didn't lose weight those 9 weeks but I was eating healthy (not counting this past week) and exercising.
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    I couldn't agree more with all that's been said. There have been time my weight loss has been minimal, yet the inches have gone down.

    And of course, there's knowing I followed the plan and am getting healthier!

    You can do it!


    2122 days ago
    Getting a grip on the carbs will help other moments of weakness. As Woubbie said, keep an eye on your protein, not too much & not too little. And also make sure when you go low carb you make up for it with Fat. Yes FAT. Fat is your friend. Exercise is good and part of overall health, but nutrition is 80% of the FAT LOSS Game. For me, I have to track. It is just like my financial health and tracking what goes in and what goes out of my bank account. It is just what I have to do at this stage of the game.

    2lbs of FAT gain from a weekend of bad choices means you had 7000 extra calories. I doubt that was actually the case. More than likely, you had some extra sodium or this or that that caused some extra bloating and water retention. When this happens to me, it takes a few days to an entire week for it to be reflected on the scale as a loss.

    I think this is where I too, failed before. I would say what is the use and give up. I didnt understand as much as I do now. I would exercise more and gain weight. Now I know that muscles retain water while they repair, and then they release the excess when they are ready, so it shows up as a gain on the scale. Wheat items do it to me also. It takes me an entire week to undo wheat damage and I can measure it with a tape measure the 2 - 3 inches of bloat. But after a week of back to business, the scale and the tape meaure are back down.

    I had a 2lb gain after last weekend also. But guess what? Over the next 4 days, I lost 4 pounds by just getting back to doing the things I knew I needed to do.

    That is what makes this a lifestyle. I know I can go out to dinner with family, I know it will show up on the scale, but I also know that I can get it back off again. I just have to accept the consequences of those choices. And it really is not FAT gain anyways. Just a temporary gain from sodium or whatever.

    Best of luck to you. You really can do this!!!
    2124 days ago
    I was just reading about plateaus on low carb and one thing I'm planning to do this month is limit my protein intake. I tend to be on the high side (by preference). The body can't store excess protein, so if I'm eating more than my body needs for repair/maintenance it gets converted to glucose and then at least some of it gets stored as fat. Here's a link to the post:


    Dr. Phinney's overall point is to stay within a specific gram/calorie range for both proteins and carbs, based on your height and sex. (Check out the chart in the middle of the page that the post links to.)

    I'm 5'7", female, so my protein gram range is 76-159, or approximately 17 ounces per day. (The ounces is totally an estimate, since different protein sources have different masses and fat contents.)
    2124 days ago
    Sometimes the learning process sucks. Sometimes we learn the wrong lesson. Sometimes we get it right...but we are always a work in progress. You'll get it. Don't be too hard on yourself!
    2124 days ago
    Remeber its not only about losing weight its about toning and being a part of a healthier lifestyle... it took me a long time to figure that out. I have my weak moments as well but i look back and i know every step forward i take, no matter how small it is, is worth it all.
    2124 days ago
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