Friday, August 31, 2012

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HUNGRY for my goal. still seems so far away. (at least 24 pounds) BUT I will keep chiseling away at it. 5 pounds, 2 pounds, half pounds until I get there. and then I WILL maintain. I have to. Because I never ever never ever wanna see my body, my face, my soul covered in all that fat again.
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I am Gonna stay determined. You know why? Because no one else will or can do it for me. I am the chooser of what goes in my body and what I do to get moving faster than my couch.
I can chose simple carbs with my meals and let it go straight to my hips and have more cravings after i'm done eating. OR i can chose complex carbs and let it break down slower and be used in my body as nutrition. I can chose a sugar drink and let it make me hungry for more crap and let it go straight to my abs as padding, or I can chose water and know i'm helping flush the padding out of my body. I can chose nachos and gorditas at the fast food and see it become a habit again and cry over the numbers on the scale, or I can chose to make my meal at home and have a piece of fruit to tide me over and see those pounds melting away.. NO ONE is twisting my arm to live the life I was living before. And no one is twisting my arm to live the life I am now. I can WISH I had a "jillian or a "bob" or "whoever" to come "motivate" me or I can be the voice that tells my mind, heart and soul to get with it and Make the next right choice.
I am not a "inwardly" self motivated person totally. I need that external motivation. So, to KICK my inner voice into motivation mode, I set OUTWARD goals. Just dates. No magic wand no spell of make me do this... just DATES.. and for me that's enough to click that motivating power on.. I first shot for june 6th then august 22 now oct 8th. No particular reason. Though if a trip were planned that's a good goal etc.. (OH, and not a pound by this date goal. those can derail me. they have in the past. seeing what I needed to lose each week to reach a goal weight by a date getting bigger and bigger is very depressing). I also have found i'm very competitive when challenged to go against others. So, that's a fun thing for me too. But with or without that I know I have to keep my heels dug in.
I visualize. I move the bar on the scale and think what it would feel like to be that weight. How great it will be to not have to use the 200 marker.. how great it is i am using the 150 marker and now how awesome it will be when i can just move that big marker to the 100 notch and move the little one over to my weight zone.. I keep seeing the numbers on the scale going down. and imagining what it will be like to be there. (I'm NOT new age. I'm meditating on what is good is all and what I can achieve if I keep my eye on the prize.)
I drink a superfood shake in the morning to help curb those cravings i might get and to make sure i know i am putting the most nutrition in my body than i could humanly do with foods in a day. I take an amazing vitamin every day too.
My job is very physical so between that and hopefully getting to the gym 1 to 3 times a week I am burning calories and toning my muscles.
I would still say 95 percent of my weight loss is nutrition. AND finally YES I have cheat meals and sometimes a few in a week. But, I have to know my limits and plan for them and get back on track the next meal. I don't want the high fatty and simple carb foods to my norm anymore. I want it to be a fun meal or desert every now and then.
I am HUNGRY, I want it BAD enough, I am SICK of being giant size and feeling like a water balloon. I am NOT going to be satisfied at any weight above my goal weight. NOT to sound ungrateful. I will NOT lie. It is GREAT to say I LOST 51 pounds AND I am under 160!!
But I must keep the positive tape repeating in my head. IT IS WORTH IT, Make the right choice. or that "BAD CALORIE" food is NOT worth it. I DO NOT want to see a GAIN on that scale. STAY Determined. etc.. I HAVE to listen to the voice inside me or else I will fail yet again and I finally want to be the BEST me in this life, that I can be. I don't want fat in the way of my soul shining through and of what we can achieve if we believe.

If I can help you light your spark fire in any way let me know because I am ready to tell you to knock off the excuses and quit dilly dallying with your nutrition. If you want me to. lol

KEEP ON KEEP'N ON! TURN up the volume of that inner "jillian or bob" and lets do this, once and for all!!!!!

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