Life is crazy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wow so much has happened since I last Blogged. I have grown so much as a person since joining team in training. I've learned that I Can run more than 5 miles (although my body still let's me know it's not happy at about mile 7 lol) and I can laugh and run at the same time...that I have some of the greatest people in my life now and that I am just plain awesome!!! Ok I know that sounds a little conceited but let me tell you, I am the one that's always dogging myself so for me to actually make this statement is pretty cool.

We had a contest with the other TnT Teams in our area, we did a Flat Stanley and Flat Summer contest. The team would get points for every picture that Stanley and Summer were in with the Team, and you would get extra points for each person that was in Team in Training shirts and 5 bonus points for every Honored Teammate in the picture. Well I am our teams ONLY honored teammate so needless to say the girl who is super critical of her body image and HATES having her picture taken had TONS of pictures taken over a 2 week stretch. Some of the pictures were pretty bad, but you know what? I learned to laugh at them instead of cry. I allowed them to stay posted even though they were not flattering...I had to look past the picture and see the whole thing, thing that is bigger than myself. And it's amazing, I still cringe a little bit when I see them, but then I think of how much fun we were having and I giggle, my heart smiles now when I see these pictures that in the past would have been deleted and made me cry. I can see my progress in these pictures, I see my body changing over the months, I see happiness.... true and honest happiness! Because I have found a group of people that make my heart smile and we all are in this for the same reason. To help others! I have a new group of sisters, they root you on and pull you up when you can't get up. They cheer you on until you make it and then they cheer harder because you did! They push you to do better when you don't think you can do it at all. It's amazing how life can make these changes in your life and soul as soon as you say yes to something impossible! It's crazy how it then becomes possible and the most of all fun!

My boy's are becoming so involved too. They greet me at the door after a long run and ask "how many miles today mommy?"...They've learned that it's ok that mommy screams when she gets into a cold bath filled with ice, and they ask if I want another sweat shirt! LOL They water stop at some of our trainings and they have become really close with some of my teammates. They are AMAZING, they yell GO Team and make signs that have encouragement to keep us going during those runs that want to make you quit. They are the best cheering section. And every donation I get in they cheer and ask how much money I have made to help kill cancer. I love how amazing they are!

Then somewhere in the middle of all of this running My awesome Husband and I found time to plan and execute the MOST AMAZING Cub Scout day Camp this year. It was so much fun! We had 5 fun filled action packed day's of 100 boy's "out on the prairie". We learned how to pan for gold, got to take a horse wagon ride, got to learn how to be a blacksmith. The boy's also got to do Archery and Shoot BB Guns, And I even shot a BB gun for the very 1st time and I got 3 bulls eyes out of 5 shots! YAHOOO! We had such a wonderful time watching the boy's learn new things and make new friendships!

Now back to my Training... you know your a runner when ________. LOL my Blank has a couple different answers. 1- you cant wait to get up at 5:45 am on a Saturday to go run 10 miles 2- you watch the Olympic Marathon and watch their form and can tell how fatigued they are, and you get a better understanding of running posture for yourself...and it WORKS!!! 3- you are so excited to go for a 5 mile run with your teammates on your Birthday!!! lol

Yep life is crazy, and it's crazy to see how far my crazy life has led me to BETTER!
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    Oh ya and mickey mouse rules.......
    2395 days ago
    Awesome blog very motivating I cant wait to be able to run again. Keep it up I really like team in training to I did a mountain bike ride with them about 9 years ago what an awesome organization.
    2395 days ago
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