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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, golly. Where do I begin? Maybe with me hitting pipes sticking out of the back of a plumbing truck in claymore? Clodmore? Cluckmore, Oklahoma yesterday? I broke the straps on the truck, and bent the pipe-holder thingy. Pipes everywhere. So I gave the guy my info, right? And I’ll pay for those straps, but I have an amount in my head and if it’s more than that I’ll turn it (and the photos of how their truck was parked) over to my insurance and let them deal with it! He knows he was parked wrong and I have no beef paying for part of that, but the driver was also culpable for parking with the pipes sticking out. The Budget Truck has a tiny scrape on it.

Or maybe I should start with this morning and that whoop-whoop sound. Yeah. Well, we made it to Joplin, Mo and that’s at about mile marker 8 in Missouri! Mom lives up around mile marker 161, so Wee Haw! NEARLY HOME…well, as we drove out of Joplin the whoop, whoop got a bit louder. We passed a rest area and I thought : I should have stopped there, but you know how it goes! Home! Home! Home! So at mile marker 57.8 (THANK YOU MISSOURI for putting mile markers up every tenth of a mile on the freeways!) the truck did the HUNK! THUNK! Tinkle, tinkle sounds that spell disaster.

I pulled over to the side and there was JUST room for that truck and not much more. We called the Budget Emergency number and told them “We can see that the wheel is broken. This is NOT just a quick fix, it’s a problem.” So an hour later they send out a repair truck. What the? He took one look and said, “ooops, you dropped your wheel bearings. You’re going to need a new bearing and spindle and all. I can’t do that here, you’ll have to go to the shop.”

Now, here’s where the fun starts. We were three miles from the next exit up (eastward), and about 30 miles from Springfield. We had, of course left Joplin behind some 50 miles before. Well, Budget couldn’t decide where to send us because we were between towns. Really? You are telling me that no one else has ever broken down in a Budget truck between towns before? Wow, that’s amazing! I kept telling the guy that I had my 77 year old mother in the car, but they yanked us around. Long (OH GOD SO LONG) story short, we ended up stranded by the edge of Interstate 44 for FOUR HOURS before the wrecker came. We didn’t know until an hour before which direction it was coming from, so we didn’t want to call AAA to take my mom anywhere. Do we send her to Springfield? Joplin? Where? So there we sat.

The wrecker that came was HUGE, and Mom had a hard time getting into it. Then getting out of it the driver got a rolling ladder, but she’d been sitting for four hours in that budget truck and was stiff, and she fell off the ladder. She just got out of the hospital last month with a compression fracture to the spine, so now we are waiting to see what ‘next day’ pain brings, and please god not another fracture.
Budget Trucks is seriously on my poopie list, I can tell you that! Then the girl was arguing about paying for two rooms because Mom & I were the only two listed to drive the truck. Guess what? My brother wasn’t driving. I was driving, but he was a passenger and if not for him, we wouldn’t have NEEDED a BARKING Budget Truck!!!!! Yee. Yeah, I got angry, what do you expect! Well, Gina hung up on me. And I had to call back and got a decent customer service person who got our room paid for right away rather than doing a reimbursement. Whew! But we should not have had to yell and rant and (okay, I admit it) put that little woovle in your voice that says you’re about to cry.
Oh, and the wrecker folks drove us to the motel in a LIMO! So that was kinda neat! Hey, you find your jollies where you will!

And now we wait for morning and see how Mom is and if we’ll be able to get home, or if we’ll have to take her to a hospital here in Carthage, and see when we’ll get the truck back so we can try once more to make it home.

Thanks for letting me rant.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh Lord have mercy!
    If it wasn't so awful, it would be funny...I hope as time goes on you will have a laugh one day! And there is something about the Limo ride that was so crazy! I just am so appauld at how it all went! I hope you got out of there with your Mom in good condition, a good running truck, and your sanity!
    Love & Hugs,
    2114 days ago
    So not fun. And on top of the so not fun week you've been having. I'm sorry. But I'm so glad you stood up for your self (waver in the voice and all) and refused to let anyone yank you around. Good for you. On the plus side, with days like that you're due for a really good one quite soon. Hugs.
    2121 days ago
    Thanks all. Mom is sore, but okay. We got Scott's stuff in the house (the people who had planned to help us Wednesday, when we were supposed to be home, couldn't come on Thursday, so my daughters and son-in-law and I unloaded the truck with a little help from my uncle and brother.

    I finally got home about 5:30 pm, put up a few things, ate dinner Al was good enough to make, and fell asleep in my chair at about 7:30. I stayed there, though I usually HATE sleeping in the chair, until about 8:30, then gave it up and went to bed. I slept until about 6:30, only waking up once in the night.

    Now I have four days off to recouperate, and it's finally, finally raining here!

    2121 days ago
    Oh, what a terrible, long trip! I hope today is much better for all of you and you arrive home quickly and safe and sound. Thinking of you! emoticon
    2122 days ago
    Oh, Soxy, not fun! I love your description, though, especially your colorful, imaginative language!

    Praying your mom is all right and hope Budget comes through. And that the insurance company doesn't try to bamboozle you, because I can tell they will regret it.
    2122 days ago
    Those pipes ARE required to have a red flag on them as RESTORETOSANITY said! I'm glad you have plenty of warrior spirit lady, 'cause you sure needed it for this trip home! I hope your mother isn't injured and that you're home safe and sound now.

    emoticon emoticon
    2122 days ago
    HA HA HA...woovle. That's awesome. Sorry about your road adventures. BTW, in MY state, those pipes are required to have a red flag or scarf or something tied on the end so you don't miss seein' 'em. Just a thought. Good luck on your continued journey!
    2122 days ago
    Shannon! What a nightmare! I am so sorry for your troubles! I hope you Mom is ok. Big emoticon
    2122 days ago
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