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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It has been a couple weeks, since my last blog. Well, many of you know I have a nine year old daughter (she's so great). Well over about a year or so she has picked up some unhealthy weight. According to the stats she is slightly over weight. She is also almost half my height. I'm 5'5. The unwanted weight came from inactivity (over last summer and no gymnastics after school, last year) and eating out (all of us). What my husband and I have decided to do was, start working her out as well. We seriosly had to ask ourselves "how will/does it look for us to take care of ourselves and not our daughter, " doesn't look to good. We workout 6 days a week and at first our daughter was not working out at all (other than the occasional walk on the trail). So we decided to step up and show our daughter that we love her and care about her (not with material things as she gets all the time, there are other ways to show your children you love them even if they don't understand), so much so we want her to be healthy just like us. I mean, she's 9 for goodness sake. She hasn't been buying her own meals, when we used to eat out all the time. We were doing it so much, she had gotten used to it and wouldn't really eat a home cooked meal any more (our fault for allowing it to happen and given her to many choices). We wanted to get a handle on the situation before it was to late. Children are developing disease such as diabetes more rapidly in this day in age. We have stepped up and decided to help our daughter before things really get out of control. Now, my husband has stopped drinking juice with every meal and has increased his water consumtion even more. I have stopped treating myself to the occasional doughnut (You know how it is once you've hit that maintance stage, you think you can go back to eating what you want. Even doing it sometimes can start to become a problem). I have also increased my water consumption even more. Everyone has stopped snacking at night. For the past 3 weeks (starting this week) I have been working my daughter out after my workout. In just 3 weeks she has made big changes. I am seeing the little girl who used to love to run and didn't complain about walking on the trail. She has cut back on the juice with her meals and drink mostly water. She has stopped crying and complaining when we emoticon . Now she is pushing me to emoticon more and faster lol. It's emoticon! The other day, I told her we would only do 15 min of running instead of 30 (as we do everyday) because I had some running around to do before it got to late. Well, I was shocked, surprised and happy to hear her say "No, mom. Let's to do the full 30 min" Whhhaaatttt:-) I simply said okay, we'll do the whole 30 min. That's what I like to hear, you pushing yourself and trying your best. I am so proud of her and everyday she gets better and better. Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted to go with me to the story, she said no. I said ok. Do you want anything back? She said no, I'm trying to cut back on the candy...WOW!!! Coming from a 9 year old. Come to think of it she hasn't eating candy in at least 2 weeks. It's amazing what children can do with a little encouragement and support. I tell her all the time when we're working out, I'm proud of her and she 's doing a good job. We ran hills yesterday and she wanted to cry but she didn't. When it was all said and done she told me that she wanted to cry but she didn't. She told herself to suck it up because she was still going to have to do it lol. We laughed about and agreed at the same time. The best part of this whole thing is doing this with her. I love working out with her everyday. Everyday she makes me more and more proud. She is even back talking about running track (like she used when she was smaller) when she's able. I just simply said "what ever you want to do." I'm fine with her doing no sports as long as she keep working out and staying active. We have to show our children we love them in ways other than food for treats. What we have decided to was at the end of every 2 weeks, she will get a treat. Right now the treats are something like going to the movies or going swimming. Maybe buying a pair of earrings. I want to show her that her hard work is not going unrecognized. I see she is feeling really pleased with her progress as well:-)

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    I LOVE THIS!!! Being a teacher, it's frustrating with all this "healthy lunch" stuff going on. They can't have a dessert with their lunch once a day? People are blaming school lunch on making kids obese. It's one meal of the day! I love that you guys took ownership of it and decided to show her you love her by being healthier!!! I can't even tell you happy this makes me!! Now let's gets some other parents on the same page... :D
    3234 days ago
    that´s great love i am trying the same tactics with my son as´s to both our children and their success. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3253 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3253 days ago
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