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Day 8: Weigh In

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So, as I embark upon my second week of this new adventure, I decided to weigh in and record my other measurements. I wasn't expecting to have lost much, and weight loss is not my primary goal, but I was still pleased to find I have lost 9 pounds and a couple of inches. Now, I know that this is probably all water weight (and that this is not a weight loss rate that is healthy to keep up), but the thing is that I FEEL better than I did a week ago, which feels like a miracle. Knowing that there are results that I can see and feel is the best motivation for continuing on this journey.

My Spark goal and starting weight was still set to where I started in 2007 when I first found this great site. Since that starting weight was lower than the weight I am still at (yes, I weighed more a week ago than I ever have in my life), my progress meter said I had lost "0 pounds" so far. I struggled with whether to correct the settings so I could see my actual progress. It sounds weird, but somehow changing my starting weight and start date to where I REALLY was a week ago felt as hard as giving away my favorite dresses that no longer fit me (and realistically probably never will again). I had attached some kind of weird nostalgic value to this old information - these numbers that mean nothing about who I really am. Or maybe some of it was shame about the truth about how much I actually weigh(ed).

In the end, I updated the information to correctly reflect my current journey, and I was rewarded with an award for losing 8 pounds! Pretty cool! Thanks, Spark People!
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