Weigh-in And Hydrostatic & Metabolic Testing! 8/29/12

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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OK, FIRST things FIRST! Today was weigh-in day. 164 last week and 159 this week! Down 5 pounds!! emoticon super EXCITED to see that on the scale today! Total loss so far is 51 pounds. 24 to go according to MY personal goal of 135.

Metabolic test.

They had me breath into the machine through that fancy dancy tube with nose clipped for about 15 min.
At this point I am burning 1526 Calories at the very base level. If I was just at rest all day they add 456 Calories for performing daily activities.
Weight loss Zone is 1222 to 1526.
They give an estimate for reaching my goal of 135 at 17 weeks from now. And if I add Exercise at a modest 190 cal burn a day, it brings it to 14 weeks. (BUT I will not be kept to those guidelines because I don't want to add pressure to get to this by a certain date. It's just interesting information to know.

Hydrostatic Test

They weigh you outside with a regular scale and inside this cage as well. since fat floats they take the difference to decide how much fat you have. I expelled all the air from my lungs (as much as i could) and dunk my head down and hold on to the bottom of the cage so it can weigh me under the water.

BMI is based on the BMI index so that didn't really change. 28.17

MY percentage of Body fat is 27.95%

Fat Weight 44.45 pounds.
Lean Body Weight 114.55 pounds

They had a desirable weight of 115.6 and needing to lose 43.4 more pounds!
But i know my body and i would look WAYYYYY too thin at that weight. I have a medium bone frame and a more athletic type of body shape. So for me I believe I wouldn't want to go under 128. But my goal as of now is 135.

These tests are cool to find out exactly how my body is at the moment.
I will try and retake them in about 3 months or so if possible. the hydrostatic was really cheap right now. under 20 but the metabolic was like 50 or so?

Hope this was helpful and informative for those of you thinking about doing these tests too!
I got this done at a local gym chain here in Alaska.

Keep on Keep'n ON!!!

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    Fat Weight 44.45 pounds.
    Lean Body Weight 114.55 pounds

    They had a desirable weight of 115.6 and needing to lose 43.4 more pounds!"

    That seems CRAZY. It would mean you would only have 1 pound of fat on your body or are they wanting you to lose muscle too so you can have more fat? Too much fat is bad but not enough is just as bad. I like the use of these tests but I have to wonder about the goals stated by the test givers! Your goal seems much better. It is clear your lean body mass exceeds their expectations and you should definitely base your weight on that number as a starting point. If your lean body weight stayed the same at 114 then at a weight of 137 you would be at 20% body fat which is on the lower end of the ideal range for women. Sounds like you know your body and you aren't going to be swayed by "experts". Good for you.
    2549 days ago
    Look at you in that tank! Way to go! How awesome is it that you are being so productive with your weight loss plan and finding out what your body really needs calorie wise. Can you believe you are only about 20 pounds away from your goal? Amazing!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2550 days ago
    I'm curious about who's doing it as well. Interesting to note that this topic was addressed in today's guest blog. Congratulations anyway...seems like you're doing really well.
    2551 days ago
    thanks for asking. i added it to the blog now. i'll post on your page too. :)
    2551 days ago
    This is very interesting .

    who is doing this ??? a Doctor , clinic. or weight clinic.I have never heard of this before
    it sounds great .
    more information please emoticon
    2551 days ago
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