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The 3 Pillars of Permanent Weight Loss Success

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Success Journal
1. Cooked 3 pounds of ground turkey, with sausage spice*
2. Planing to go to the rec center after work. Upper body & cardio.

I weighed in today at 180.6, up .6 from last week. Still knocking at the door of the next decade! My motivation & exercise are 8 out of 10, and my eating about a 6 out of 10, because of that 1 day. I'm still avoiding alcohol & artificial sweeteners. Still weighing & measuring foods. I'm getting lazy about measuring salad dressing; got to tighten that up. And I'm really good at cooking ahead. Woo Hoo!

My philosophy for weight loss is to live the lifestyle of the slim, fit & healthy person I want to become, and my body can't help but catch up. I believe in losing weight slowly, and permanently. In fact it doesn't matter how long it takes. The 3 pillars are:
1. Motivation
2. Nutrition
3. Exercise

Motivation is the most important. Without this, nothing will stick. If motivation is strong enough, nothing will stop me from doing whatever it takes to get the results I want. I believe permanent weight loss is possible, it's possible for others, so why not for me? If I don't get to a healthy weight, I might become disabled by obesity like 2 sisters, have the obesity related diseases my mother had: diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and a death at 57 (only 6 years older than me now.) It's nice to fit in a size 12, walk up 3 flights of stairs without getting winded, and have a youthful, attractive look, too. But my motivation comes from being scared to death of obesity.

Nutrition, not dieting is so important. I found out my BMR is 1600 at a sedentary level, and I don't eat below that amount. That's the number of calories that I can eat at goal weight. No starvation diets for me. I divide that into 3 meals & 2 snacks, with lean protein at every meal or snack. I didn't start out thinking this way. I went on lots of diets, weight loss pills, Weight Watchers...and they worked. But not in a sustainable way. Starvation diets trigger overeating. And I couldn't stay on weight loss pills because they made me jumpy & shaky. Yeah, amphetamines. WW, loved the support, but it's expensive. As soon as I quit any of these things, the weight came back, plus even more. Grr! Now, I'm living the lifestyle of a thinner person, you can't fail a lifestyle. Even thin people eat more sometimes, but go back to business as usual after the holiday, social event, vacation, etc. is over.

Custom BMR Calculation:

Exercise is strength training & cardio. Strength training is more important, because without it you lose muscle as you age. Some say after age 30, you lose 6 lbs of muscle every decade! Strength training improves bone density, posture, balance and flexibility. It increases metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. I have a heart murmur, and my cardiologist wants me to do cardio exercise. Cardio strengthens the heart muscle, burns calories, and is a great stress reducer. Boy, do I need stress busting!

* Recipe for sausage spice: a dry herb blend for giving any ground meat a "sausage" flavoring. This is enough to mix in 1 pound of meat.
3.5 tsp paprika
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
.5 tsp garlic powder
.5 tsp fennel or caraway seeds
.25 tsp red pepper flakes
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