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Wednesday, 8/29 The Little Steps!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hi all,

Here it is, 2:37 AM. I think SP just got through doing some sort of site maintenance because I couldn't get to my points page or my Spark page or anything--and then, voila, all of those attempts came to life. emoticon Now, here I am--blogging. It is funny because I had just decided that I wasn't going to blog anyway because I didn't want to send any negative feelings out into cyberspace, to my friends. I decided not to talk about what is bothering me and more about what is going right. The only thing that I will say is that I am both tired and sore. The injection that helped my hip so much already seems to be wearing off, a good month before the 3 months that allows me to have another is over. I have decided that I must wait until the end of the school year to have the hip replacement surgery, so I have to spread these injections out wisely and in a way to keep me working as comfortably as possible until surgery fits all of my schedules.

Tomorrow is the second night of the final class that I need for my ELL endorsement. I need to find out how I go about having this added to my teaching credentials. I am not sure if we must take an exam or if we just take transcripts to the ROE (Regional Office of Education) or whatever else is needed. I really have enjoyed being back in school because it has allowed me a place to share my expertise and to be appreciated in a way that doesn't happen in the building where I teach. I have learned a great deal and I have been able to put it to use as I develop both lesson plans for group instruction and plans for individual children. This final class is called "Linguistics for ELL Teachers" and our professor has warned us that this class seems to worry more of her students than any other. I am not sure what is up, but it seems to be a lot of memorizing and testing. I am sure I will find out soon. We have a few assignments, projects and tutoring that are all part of this--and they always seem a bit larger than life at the beginning of a class. I'm not too worried right now, even though my books just came tonight and I am technically behind. I will try and read tomorrow afternoon and take care of this issue then.

My classes are going reasonably well. I get to move out of the beginning of the year necessities into actual instruction tomorrow. That makes me quite happy--teaching children to love and enjoy books is one of the greatest things I get to do. I have several groups that are smaller than 6 this year, more like real "small groups," the way I should be teaching. I can sure get to the nitty-gritty of what each of these children need far better this way. I am also really teaching in another classroom where we are sharing lesson plans and activities and the class. This is what I wanted to do last year with two teachers, but all they thought I was there for was to use their rooms. I tried to work with both of them, but I left one room at the end of the semester because she wouldn't even let me use the space and in the other, she pushed me all of the way into the little lab room outside of her classroom. neither were unfriendly with me, they just didn't understand what team teaching looked like. This uear, the teacher I am working with totally knows why I am there and we are wrapping 3 groups of her children with double lessons each day. That is a great opportunity for the kids. When we are in full swing, I am hoping to both videotape what we are doing and to sharing data that shows the progress that I am expecting for these children.

I have been having some amazing work outs at the pool lately. It can be tough with my hip misbehaving, but I am working harder and harder and am almost back to the 28 laps I was at last spring before my cervical fusion surgery. I did 26 laps on Monday. I only got to 23 last night, but I am working on this and want to be at muy best when it is time for this replacement.

It is now time for me to get ready for work--I took a small nap in the middle of writing this. Take care of yourselves today and remember that the little steps really do count!

Gentle hugs,

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  • _LINDA
    So sorry your injection is wearing off so soon :(( I don't suppose conventional oral painkillers would work in the mean time. There are narcotics out there that don't have the side effects of drowsiness and stomach upset. Good for you upping your pool workouts!!
    That is such a shame about those teachers, at least you have the one cooperating, maybe if word gets around how well its working, maybe the others will fall in line..
    Good luck with this upcoming tough class. Memory work was always very hard for me and near impossible when you are sleep deprived :(
    Keep pushing, you are doing great!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2060 days ago
    I had the same problem with sparkpeople last night somewhere around 10 to 10:30 and I gave up and went to bed.

    Maybe they can give you some other kind of injection or give it more often.

    I know you will do well in your own studies and with your students as well.

    It's great to hear about you enjoying the pool so much again.
    2060 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    2060 days ago
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