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Registration Night/Middle School Open House (pity-party-turned-w
oohoo-moment--you have been warned!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I really need more of me! Ended up #%&&$# up everything I touched tonight. Ok, so maybe that's my depression/OCD/perfectionism kicking in. Anyway, left work a bit early so I could make copies for Registration Night. Copies done, get gas, run a little late getting kids from school.

Get to the elementary school about ten 'til six, sign them out, run to give the copies to my sister/co-leader/treasurer/wha
-sister-wants-her-to-do who is taking over for me because I obviously cannot be in two places at once. Well, I end up talking to the parents, as well, and leave about a half hour past when I am supposed to be at the middle school. (Wonderful)

Go home, pick up the middle schooler. Hubby goes "what, no dinner?" "FK NO! I have to go!" So I say in my head, while I am cooking dinner!! He knew about tonight and all the wonderfully crazy happenings that were going on. Fix a friggin' sandwich, dude, I gotsta GO!

Anyway, get to the middle school and meet one teacher, because by the time we get there, they were going into the last class. Well, the good thing is, it was the class she needed the most (organization and study skills) and she is ACE-ING IT!

Ok, are you paying attention, copies-check, gas-check, piss off parents 'cuz you half-ass Registration Night-check, piss off hubby 'cuz you don't have time to cook dinner-check, piss off teachers 'cuz you don't show up for Open House-check. Ok, so what is left to be done? Oh, yeah, get a couple of co-leaders lined up to take baby sissy's place! She'll still be Treasurer and Cookie Mom, but I have one mom I talked to that is jumping in with both feet to be my co!! And, according to our Cluster Coach/Daisy Leader, we have another mom willing to step up as co!! Happy Dance!! Maybe all is not lost!! Maybe I can stop beating myself up because I felt like I let everyone down and in the end really didn't do so bad!!

So, now, self-pity-party is turning into "oh, hell, now I have to learn to delegate responsibility!" and "will I have enough for both of the ladies to do?" Oh, yeah, btw, the lady I personally spoke with has a (step)daughter that is my daughter's friend (we've known each other for the past four years) and SHE WAS A GIRL SCOUT!! Junior, Cadette, and Senior, she said!! She had already done research (in the hour between Registration Night and the time we talked, that was quick) about the classes available and what she may need as a leader! She's all in, WOOHOO! Phew, maybe I can stop feeling like I have to do everything! (Now, how to translate that into the household...)

Oh, yeah, and middle schooler's brand new backpack broke today...great! Thank God we've accumulated an abundance of extras!
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