My arms are getting tired...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cardio Streak Day 483
2.30 mile walk /jog
0430hrs 72F

Last night I got about a 'normal' night's sleep and I felt much better today. I got up about 0430 and did the thirty minute walk/jog, came back, got ready in a flash, and headed off to the office. I had a grilled chicken wrap for breakfast along with some lousy coffee (instant) and several glasses of water cooler (no-name, of course) water.

My arms are a little tired with the weight training I've been doing, but that's okay. At about 0800 I started with strength training and I finished the ten sets. I did the same workout as yesterday - bench press, crunches, tricep dips, seated leg extensions, barbell curls, forward stretching, and standing quad stretches.

For lunch, I polished off the remainder of the chicken fajita meat with the veggies. I did have about ten chips and salsa but only one tortilla. Everybody else killed the rice and refried beans.

My cardio total for today:
2.3 miles
30 minutes

Jog/Walk Across America:
Team distance to date: 2623
Current Location: Rawlins, Wyoming
(The map is updated three times per week. Feel free to visit.)
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