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Who wants to beat up my brain?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My mood today is just.. ughhhhhhhhhhhkljsdhfaskdfkjasd
If I could snarl like a murloc all day long I totally would (HA WoW reference)

I feed off you guys and your positivity. The last blog I wrote every comment pushed me more and more til I got up off my butt and looked up some spark videos to try out and I did try them out. Since then? nada. but I have been eating better so that's a plus right? And I lost 2 lbs my first week of effort. Another plus. So here's my problem. My half a$$ed second attempt at this. Something still isn't clicking to make this a permanent thing for me. I have tried to motivate the crap outta myself. Threats of badly aching feet and legs the first week of hopefully a new job right away hasn't done it. I even talked the bf into letting me reward a 100 lb weight loss into a trip to vegas for me and my sister. I would LOVE to go to vegas and have a few days away to spend quality time with my sister who is 8 years younger than me. It wouldn't just be a 100 lb loss.. it would also be my first time under 200 lbs in 10 years so it's a huge deal and deserves a huge reward.
My brain is evil. It fights an endless battle with my body and almost always wins. I don't know how to stop that. I feel like I'm lazy and I'm tired 100% of the time. I hope this new job will fix that as well as help me push into weight loss. I've been stuck at home and inside for far too long and as terrified as I am about actually being around people I am also very excited.
I guess I need to set some smaller goals and rewards for myself so the big 100 lb goal doesn't seem so.. unattainable and such a far away reward.

Hope all you guys are having a great day! (sorry this blog is so.. random)

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    Those damn murlocs!
    I think part of the reason I am so heavy and lacking energy is because of my wow addition. Sitting at the computer so much is baaaaaad. While I am on my second attempt at this weight-loss thing, I am making myself get on the treadmill before I can play wow. It's not for long at this point - but I will work up to longer times as I start to lose and get fitter. What about doing something like that? Like no wow till you have done some kind of activity? Or after 2 hours, you have to log off and do something.
    You are doing an amazing job of motivating me! What do we need to do to motivate you? Get off your computer and go do some exercise. LOL!
    2395 days ago
    Nice goal. you can do it. You are getting motivated!
    2396 days ago
    Good idea to set a big reward. Also, good idea to set smaller rewards for yourself, not just for weight loss but for consistency. So, maybe for every day you're on track--eating, exercise (at least 10 minutes) you put a dollar in a jar...and you could save up for rewards when you get $10 you could get something small, $20, etc. or you could save up and get something worth $50...

    Or, just set a small goal and stick with it. Tracking food, drinking water, exercise daily, etc. And once you have that down, add another.

    You can do it. There is nothing stopping you. You are capable. emoticon emoticon
    2396 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    your brain is beating you up... Lol make it stop or I'll beat it up. emoticon
    have you done the boxing video's?
    2396 days ago
  • POSHA627
    Oooooo murlocs are so annoying! But i totally agree the sound they make is totally identifyable to some of my days. I was addicted to WoW for about 5 years. Only recently was I able to tear myself away. If it gives you any ideas how bad I had it... I have 9 or 10 80-85's and a bunch of lowbies i worked on here and there.... I still have the urge to play every once in a while but they are ruining the game with every new change they put into effect... and that in itself is part of what helped me to break away. Not to mention the lower back pain and wrist pain from playing at a computer desk for hours! And one of the main reasons i played was cuz i had so many friends on there. I miss being able to log on and run a few dungeons while chatting it up on vent. But I distract myself with keeping up on the house chores more often and now i'm trying to find more ways to just get OUT. And reading a few good books here and there. My lil sis just recently convinced me to read the Hunger Games trilogy. Was pretty good. But I think i finally have my brain wrapped around the possibility of actually doing an excercise video today. Just waiting for my lunch to digest.

    Not sure if this might help but its something I used to do in the past ( and I think i'm gonna try it again). This might sound really silly but.... I have a lil black almost tutu-ish mini skirt that flows out when i twirl or move my hips. So when I go to excercise i put on my workout pants with that lil skirt on over top. I usually feel ridiculous dancing around my living room but with that skirt on i feel like i might actually be a lil sexy and actually accomplishing something. Totally silly and outright ridculous but it helps. :D
    2396 days ago
    Smaller goals are doable and will make your confidence soar. I failed at dieting until I changed my way of eating (to South Beach) and my way of thinking. Neither mind nor body cooperated at first, but for the most part we're all on the same page! Haha. You just have to do it, no excuses. emoticon
    2396 days ago
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