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Monday's Fun or Why I HAD to eat cake...

Monday, August 27, 2012

We finished putting the junk away in preparation for Isaac's visit. It was a windy day with some sun and hot. Not nearly as much work as Sunday's Fun!

I would have much rather been at the emoticon

I really needed a swim today. I called the Y and got a message that it was closed until at least Thursday due to our Governor's Mandatory Evacution order! Bah humbug!

Anyway, I had a few errands and debated whether I should go to WalMart. The news last night said all the big box stores were packed with long lines and they were running out of staples and hurricane supplies.

The parking lot didn't look too bad. I walked into the store and they had pallets lining the main aisles with batteries, tarps, water, flash lights, coolers, charcoal, oil lamps, oil, portable stoves...everything you'd possibly need for hurricane survival. Even things you wouldn't need.

I looked in some of the baskets as the people wheeled by me...water, chips, cookies, candy, wine, beer...are we having a party or trying to survive a hurricane?
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well, I didn't want to look weird so I put some peanuts and chips (for DH) in my basket along with my milk, bread, cheese, lettuce, bandaids, and a roll of that flesh-colored sticky tapey stuff that you can wrap around legs or arms to hold bandaids on that sticks to itself not you. Not all the check out lanes were open, but the ones that were, were not crowded. The cashier said I should have been there on Saturday or Sunday...they were mobbed!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

After I got home and put away my groceries, I went over to Mimi's (my exeercise buddy) house to deliver some mail. She had been away and I picked up her mail. So, I stood outside in the 90 degree heat and talked with her for at least 15 minutes. The sweat was rolling off my face and she never invited me in! She ALWAYS invites me in! She had her door wide open and I could feel her A/C escaping! What was with that?

After dinner, DH says, "You're going to kill me." Moi? Kill? His leg was bleeding. As I explained in yesterday's blog, he dropped a 2x4 on it. After I cleaned it up yesterday...he didn't know it was bleeding until he took his jeans off and his leg was covered in blood (He takes Coumadin and Plavix (two blood thinners) and a baby aspirin every day. Anyway, he decided to take the bandage off and put a small bandaid on it. His leg was covered with blood, his NEW sock was soaked, and his recliner had blood all over it. This is a common thing with him and I haven't killed him yet. So, after I cleaned up his leg, rebandaged it and wrapped it with that tape-stuff, I cleaned his chair.

After I got done, I HAD to eat that last piece of cake. It was SCREAMING my name. I heard it halfway across the house!

Can't wait to see what Tuesday's Fun will be...

P.S. The cake was homemade...yellow cake with whipped cream and coconut on top!
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