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Trainer personalities

Monday, August 27, 2012

I've had the pleasure of working with a number of trainers through my group classes. Some of those sessions have amounted to personal training sessions, since I was the only one.

I mesh better with certain personalities of trainers. I don't care overly much for the order shouter... you know, the one in the Zumba class who shouts directions while staring at herself in the mirror, never really paying attention to what people do?

I also don't like the overly-critical type.

The most common ones I've dealt with are encouraging, while being hard. My two favorites right now are an ex-marine boot camp instructor, and a yoga instructor who turns out runs a mean boot camp, too.

I like the combination of pushing me, with encouragements that don't come across as pandering.

I like variety, challenge, and creativity. My most fun trainer was known for coming up with the WEIRDEST stuff! You never knew what she'd throw at us. God forbid she should watch Insanity or something... she'd start throwing those moves in, too.

So, if you take group classes, or have worked with a trainer... what's your preference? What works for you?
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    I had a really great instructor who was a little older than me and didn't have a perfect body, but who I had a hard time keeping up with. I had a step aerobics instructor who was great. He had a pretty serious personality and a beard, but the way he did step aerobics was great. I guess you never felt silly doing any of the moves if he was doing them.
    2094 days ago
    2 of the spin/body pump trainers and the boot camp instructor are my favorites.

    1 of the spin/body pump instructors is a singer. She's very funny and makes the time fly while giving me a good workout.

    the other spin/body pump instructor is a teacher. She's silly and entertaining. She often walks around the bikes, making sure everybody has good form.

    the boot camp instructor is a SWAT officer. He's cynical with a very dry wit (just my type of person!) He tells us great stories about his years with the PD. And he definitely kicks my butt every class!

    2095 days ago
    I like a group exercise instructor who makes the class fun and interesting. And can give me a good workout. I've never had one who barks, so I don't know what I'd think about that.

    My one experience with a one-on-one personal trainer was terrible. I got a free session when I signed up for the gym, so I figured I'd go for it and was hoping I'd get some good suggestions about a routine to do on my own, figuring the trainer would probably cost more than I was willing to pay.

    He had me do some really simple body weight exercises that weren't the slightest bit challenging for me and then talked about how great they were and how they'd help me so much. and how he loved doing exercises that didn't use any weight or equipment (yes, you can get a good workout that way, but he didn't demonstrate that he had the slightest clue how to actually do that). Then, he suggested we move to the elliptical. I told him I didn't really like using those. He insisted I try it, and his justification for why I should be doing this exercise? Because it was popular.
    He rounded out the experience by disbelieving my gymnastics class could be any sort of real exercise (and pretty much saying, if it wasn't done in the gym with him watching, it wasn't exercise and didn't count...and therefore since I hadn't hired him yet, I wasn't doing any exercise currently), and I should pay him $300/week for more of the same.
    No thanks!
    2095 days ago
    I haven't been in exercise classes since I was 19 years old - just the training for football and gymnastics. I do things by myself - even at the Y.
    2095 days ago
    I need a trainer with a sense of humour! I have been known to poke my tongue out at my boxing instructor. He knows it is all in good fun, and I love it, really. My weights trainer is always encouraging and asking about my progress, which is nice, but we still joke around and have a bit of a laugh with my program. He will write silly things like 'smile more' in the program consideration box, since he no longer has anything to write (no more knee/ankle problems, which used to go in that box).

    Trainers need to be flexible around peoples personalities, and I am cheeky and fun loving which comes through in my workouts.

    2095 days ago
  • MPLANE37
    I really don't mind if they are critical of me, but I eventually would like get to do it right. If I can't, that means we are not communicating, which is not a good sign.
    2096 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/27/2012 10:45:13 PM
    The most important action I like from a trainer or class teacher: taking the time to watch my form and help me adjust so that I am doing the position or exercise correctly.
    2096 days ago
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    I guess after being in the military and going through boot camp, I don't relish the idea of any more, especially if I'm paying for the honor!

    I prefer someone who is encouraging and instructive. I don't want to be criticized or torn down, but rather, encouraged and lifted up. I have never had a personal trainer, but when I think of fitness videos I watch, I thought the workout on Denise Austin was fine, but I had to mute the sound. I just couldn't take it. I do like (and don't mute) Bodies in Motion/Body Sculpting with Gilad because he keeps you going without all the extra chatter, but he doesn't take it too easy on you either. Sometimes he forgets his numbering, and that's a drag ("C'mon, just 4 more to go!" -- but then he gets distracted and starts all over at 12!!!) I really like it when he has Trella (Lutrell) or Felicia on the show, because they have curvier bodies that I can relate to. In general, I like his style.

    I guess when I get further in my journey, I should think about learning something about personal trainers. I guess the one-on-one could be fun and effective for my personality type???

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    2096 days ago
    As a trainer, I find that it is our job to find what works with each personality. Some of my clients need me to be strict, while others need to be more nurtured. In reality, the trainer should mold him/herself around you. It is the trainer that must figure out what will work. This however, can be a big problem with some. I had a client come to me and tell me she was so sore after her workout with one trainer she hurt for a week. I found out he had he do over 100 squats on the first workout. I guess he showed her how tough he could be. That's great, but she is coming to me now. Some will never learn!

    2096 days ago
    I'm partial to the military type... Sometimes I just need someone to tell me how it and motivate me. If screaming in my face pushes me to finish then so be it :) I'll hate them in the moment but thank them later. :)
    2096 days ago
    While everyone more than likely has their favorite ideal trainers, I don't worry about it so much. I look for what knowledge and help they are able to give me and overlook the difference in our ways. Sometimes I actually enjoy seeing the different ways folks teach, instruct, etc. It helps me find the ways I work best with when I am in that position. Keep the faith.
    2096 days ago
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