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it was a snake

Monday, August 27, 2012

I had a brush with wild kingdom yesterday.....

My children and myself are having dinner with at my parents' house with my mom's sister and brother-in-law and of course, my brother. We are having a good time, eating good food and telling funny stories when my youngest asks me for more to drink. I notice she needs ice, so I turn to go into the kitchen from the dining room and there is a SNAKE in front of the fridge!!!! I back away slowly into the dining room and in a high pitched panicked tone announce "THERE IS A SNAKE IN THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!" My father calmly asks what kind, black, rat snake I tell him. My mother is about to climb the table and my girls look at me like what is going on. I get the the girls in the living room while my dad and brother combat the snake. They pull the fridge out from the wall and Dad grabs it behind the head. It wraps itself around his arm. He brings it in for all to see, like we really wanted to, and takes him outside to let go. It was about 4 feet long, not huge, but big enough.

I live in the country, so I see a snake from time to time, but I am not crazy about them. My deal with wildlife is you stay out of my face and I will stay out of yours. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals, but I have no love for snakes, I know they are very useful in keeping varmits down, but they belong outside. Dad is the only one in the ENTIRE family that has the guts to just grab the snake and let it go. The rest of us I am sad to admit would probably have pounded the thing to death and then threw it in the woods somewhere. I am NOT grabbing a live snake, NO WAY!
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    A snake in the house?! Wow, what a tricky little bugger, you should have named him upon release!
    2122 days ago
    I think you were incredibly brave. I would have been shrieking!

    Gotta say I'm glad your Dad handled it like he did. No need to kill it, but I would not have been able to do what he did.

    2123 days ago
    I'm with you too! The only reptiles I "like" are frogs and turtles.
    We used to have a cat that would bring baby snakes into the house, but she is long gone now, so no more worries there. My two girls (cats) are indoor cats, so the only wild life they wrestle with are the occasional spider or beetle.
    2123 days ago
    Wow i take it you have a snake phobia? For me personally i don't mind them and probably would of done what your dad did too. Actually i wouldn't mind having one as pet lol but its hard to convince others in house for such pet lol, I don't like mice so it would be handy when we have another mice plague like we did a few years ago. Good thing that hasn't come to be recently :) Was it a pretty snake? :P
    2123 days ago
    We have a snake find it's way into our house every 2 years or so. I also live in the country. I am glad your father was there to take care of it for you .. I hate dealing with those things!
    2123 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    Wow!!! Glad your dad was there!!!
    2123 days ago
  • 1GROVES2
    When I was young and lived in the country, we had a snake in the house twice....once behind our TV in the living room and once in my oldest sisters room....she was a new room built on to the side of the house and dad decided it must have gotten when the guys were working on it. I could not believe she continued to sleep in that room! She is 4.5 years older than me and I thought she must be very, very brave! LOL
    Oh we also had a possum sneak in our kitchen and my dad shot it on the basement steps. That was some excitement! LOL LOL what an adventurous childhood!
    Thanks for sharing your story, it made me think of these things from over 40 years ago.
    2123 days ago
    I'm so with you!
    2123 days ago
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