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I Guess I Was Wrong

Monday, August 27, 2012

I guess we all were. 'Cause we were sold a bill of goods.

What?! you say.

Well, we were told that we were supposed to have flat stomachs. Hell, not just FLAT, but CONCAVE. We were told that that was the only way to be sexy. We were told that it was the only way we could bare our midriffs in public without embarrassment.

HA! HA again, I say. BULL. Allow me to present Exhibits A and B.

Those two BEAUTIFUL women are Venus and Serena Williams. They are two of the best female (hell, either gender) athletes of our time.


They (not the Williams sisters, God bless 'em) LIED to us.

They told us we couldn't be pretty.

They told us we should hide away.

They said we should be ASHAMED.

I call NONSENSE. I call BS. I call stuff that they won't let me post on Spark.

Yanno what's the truth?

Strength training WORKS. Being on program WORKS. Getting out there and doing it WORKS.

Scales mislead. The truth is in the measurements.

Here are mine, as of this morning.

Bicep 13.25"
Bust 42.25"
Band 36"
Waist 37.25"
Belly 41"
Butt 44.5"
Thigh 20.5"

My weight this morning is 229.2.

I keep my measurements and there have been 20 weeks where the numbers have been more or less comparable, ever since I started doing this. The weight for that time period has fluctuated between 209.2 and 235. Sometimes the butt has been bigger. Sometimes the bicep has been smaller. But through it all, it's been 20 weeks of this, in a time period spanning January of 2008 to the present. About the closest I was with all measurements to today was back in March. Of 2009. When I weighed 212.8.

But wait! There's more!

Numbers go up, down and sideways. In the 9 weeks since the middle of the year, my weight has bobbed up and down between 222.8 and 230. But my measurements, overall, are pretty close. Overall, yes, they tend to be less when I weigh less. But there's probably less of a difference than you would think.

And here's another thing. My bicep has been this size many times before. At my lowest weight, I was in the 160s. My bust and belly have been this size many times before, too. Those aren't quite so dramatic - they've been this size when I've been in the 220s, but with one outlier in the 210s. For the band, waist and thigh, once again, I've been this, done this. But I've been in the 200s. And for my butt, I've actually been down in the 180s at this size measurement.

What does all of that mean? It means that muscle replaces fat. And it makes the scale say nasty things that we don't like. It messes with our BMI, too, as that measurement is far from the panacea that we all grope for. After all, traditional quickie BMI measurements are just weight versus height but fail to take into account just what your body is composed of.

Lift weights, people. Grunt, sweat and strain. Eat protein. Limit carbs (but don't eliminate them). Drink water. Use a tape measure and keep records.

And for God's sake listen to your body.

And if you want to bare your belly, have at it.
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