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Weight Gain Pain! - New Resolve Today!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well today was a bit of an eye opener and a test of my resolve.

I have been sick with a chest flu for about two weeks and been out of routine for the last 10 days or so. Due to this I haven't gone to the gym for fear of coughing up a lung!

Besides not going to the gym I have had the tribe here for a week and I succumbed to JUNK FOOD!! - Yep, didn't I say in a previous post that I was all COOL with that and didn't need it......

Lack of motivation, Lack of routine, Lack of control --- not sure which one but A LACK OF GOOD FOOD & EXERCISE LEADS TO WEIGHT GAIN. I may of done a Bachelor of Science at Uni - but no one needs one of those pieces of paper to see what has happened in the last ten days.

The scary thing is that I weighed in today and I have gained 2.3kg - Holy Crap!!!!

Hopefully some of that is fluid as I have not been drinking much water either - maybe if I had been drinking more I would of washed this flu away earlier.

I don't have any valid excuses - so it is back into it today.

I have already been to the gym this morning and completed Week 4 day 2 of C25K!! very excited that I actually got through it today with the chest cough I still have. Then I completed a few ab exercises to finish off.

Just been down to check the chooks and I have fresh eggs - so that will be breakfast!

I have a few friends doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT starting today - so I will start my own little crusade to fitness with a new resolve.

I think for me even if I am sick as a dog I should still go to the gym in some form even if it is to just lift some light weights, I think the idea of just being there makes me more accountable for the rest of the day.

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