Today Was The First Day....That I Ran!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ok, so today is not the first day I have ever run in my life or even ever run for fitness, but it certainly feels like it. Why? Because today was the first day that SP has ever recognized what I did as running! I owe this in part to a little piece of wisdom randomly thrown out into the cyber universe by a more experienced runner.

Let me start from the beginning, I had made plans about a week ago to start the C25K, yet another attempt to begin running. I needed something that I wouldn't feel pressured to finish in an established period of time, something that I could drop and pick back up with the flux of my life and health. Even though I had not planned for it, today ended up being the first day.

I started off walking 30 minutes with my mom, then as we were returning to the house I remembered that I already had day 1 of the plan programed into the interval tracker in my phone and I figured I would knock out a couple of intervals just to cap things off. I did the first interval and felt strong in my legs, but as usual my breathing was very difficult (asthma doesn't help things). Then as I contemplated not even tackling a second interval I remembered a little drop of wisdom that a more experienced runner had put online (I don't remember where I read this, so I can't give credit, sorry!), he said "when you run: inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth". Ha! It is such a stupid little thing, I figured it wouldn't make any difference at all, but why not give it a shot. Now pardon my excitement, but OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!! I blew through the last five intervals and really only started to feel out of breath on the last one (which also happened to be right after a hill).


This was thrilling to be sure, but oddly enough the real joy for me today actually came in logging the workout. I logged my initial walk and the C25K workout separately and as I punched in the numbers for the C25K I expected the usual thing, that it would remind me that I ran so slow it could only log it as walking. Then it happened, there it was lit up on my computer screen in the lovely SP colors. Running. RUNNING!! I RAN!! I RAN!!

Yes, I still run slow, but the point is that I run. Me. The fat girl who never thought it was possible. Yeah. She runs.

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