Trying not to be adolescent

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adolescents are moody and get their feelings hurt easily. They crave attention. These are natural for that age. But not after maturity, and certainly not in seniority. But I find my feelings are hurt because I feel put down. So out of touch with reality I don't deserve an answer. I have emailed SparkGuy twice over time and asked the same question: what does it mean to "hit like". He tells us daily to "hit like" if we did something or whatever. I don't know what that means. LadyVolsfan likes things a lot. I know this is not just enjoying other people's comments. I realize she must be clicking on that little "like" button. But when I click on it, nothing happens, and I find no list of things I "liked" or anything. It might have something to do with social networking. I'm not a social person and don't have anyone I'd network with except my own children. Even if I did, it would take so much time to network to people... writing this one little blog can take from a quarter hour to an hour if I get into it. How do people have time to connect to each other all day? Right here on SP, if I do everything on the Spark Point list, it takes up most of my day. And I just don't get it. Why would anyone care if somebody on some weightloss site liked reading four words somebody else wrote? Really, all I can guess from the "feed" I get in email from automatic notices that other SP teammembers pushed the "like" button, is that they seem to kind of do it automatically. If they see somebody they recognize wrote something, they automatically say they "liked" it, no matter what it is. That's not really saying they liked things, just that they recognize someone's name. I just don't get it. I suppose it's like initialing an office memo to let people know you read it. Maybe that's it. Whoever wrote something knows who read it, and it feels good to know people are noticing you. Yeah, that's probably it. If so... sorry guys, I don't belong to facebook or twitter or anything, so you don't know when I read your stuff on SP.

If that's what "hit like" means, SparkGuy, why couldn't you just tell me? It's like you were saying if I didn't know, I don't deserve to know. You couldn't be bothered. I'd tell you myself by email, but since you didn't answer the other emails, maybe you don't read them. Actually, you probably don't. Maybe you get hundreds a day and really can't read them. And you really couldn't be bothered to answer my question about your daily comments. I should have just asked Lady or Sheryl... and here I've spent over an hour writing this, when I have other things I need to do. If you "like" that, you just may have a streak of sadism.
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    If enough people "like" a blog, they make it a "popular blog" in the daily email. I too, get to many likes. They each send me an email which gets to be a bit much. I also hate it when I get an email saying 8 people "like" my feed of losing 4 pounds, when it is the same 4 pounds that I have lost over & over during the past year. If you don't want those like emails, change it in your account settings. I haven't gotten around to doing this myself. I don't mind getting emails about games that I post on, but I don't like getting emails about message boards that are garbage, like "post 10 times to get 10 points." That one you just have to uncheck the box that says send me an email when someone replies to this post. I usually forget that one too. I know what you mean by spending all day on the site. I have been trying the SparkCoach trial & it guides me through about 15 minutes of the most important stuff so I like that.
    Good luck in your journey!
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    2068 days ago
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