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Saturday, August 25, 2012

MY QUESTION: I'm stuck and trying to lose the last 16lbs

I'm stuck at about 166-167lbs and I would like to get to 150lbs. I workout 6 days a week going to the gym 3-4 times and doing either 60 minutes of cardio, group fitness class (step or spinning) or 30-45mins of cardio and strength training. When I workout at home, I'm usually doing a Jillian Michaels Circuit training dvd using weights and cardio and abs routine. I use a heart rate monitor and so I know how hard I'm working out and the calories I'm burning. I log all of my workouts in Sparks and I do well tracking my foods Mon-Fri and as best as I can on the weekends. So I'm looking for a change. I'm trying to up my protein intake to at least 100g a day and limit my carbs to under 200 a day. I'm finding it hard to figure out what I need to change. I'm not sure if I'm eating enough or eating too much. That has always been my lifelong struggle with weight loss.



The first thing I'd recommend is having your body fat tested. Once you get close to your goal, a body fat test is a better indicator of health vs. a number on the scale. Most gyms offer this test for a small fee.

At this point you can probably expect to lose an average of 1/2 lb per week. The closer you get to your goal, the slower you're going to lose. As long as your calories burned goal reflects the amount of exercise you are doing, you should be fine to eat in the calorie range that SP suggests.

As far as exercise goes, I'd recommend cutting down on the amount of cardio you're doing and upping the intensity of the workout. Have you ever tried high intensity interval training? It's not something I'd recommend to everyone, but since you seem to be very active, it might be a good option for you. Here's an article that talks more about it:

So in general, I'd suggest 20-30 minutes of high intensity cardio, 3-4 days per week and full body strength training twice a week. Your best bet with strength training is a routine that fatigues your muscles in 1-3 sets, 8-12 repetitions. Don't be afraid to lift heavy.

Carbs aren't the enemy, especially if they are coming from healthy sources.

Hope that helps! Give it at least a month or so and see if that helps with your results.

-SparkPeople Coach

I'm excited to give it a try but I started to realize that I need to up my intensity of my workouts and I need to go back to lifting the big boy weights. I will probably start this after Labor Day. I need to research more and come up with a few different workouts to do and a strength training program.
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    That sounds like good advice - you go girl!!

    2705 days ago
    That does sound like a good plan, Leah! I hope it works for you! I guess I'm going to have to try the interval training - I keep reading that it's the way to do it! (sigh)

    2705 days ago
  • A*L*P*
    New Rules of Lifting for Women is a good source. I love ChaLEAN Extreme so much because it is ALL ABOUT heavy lifting and of course, Turbo Fire is a HIIT program. I know you like Jillian and her workouts, have you considered her Body Revolution? I have heard good things about here HIIT program. Good luck girlie! We'll knock this out!!
    2706 days ago
    Interval Training is fun. If you get stuck for ideas, is a great source. They show the high and low intensities for all of their videoes. I bought the Interval Timer that they use and it's simple, easy to use, and durable.

    I bought the The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises a while back. It's been a good reference guide for finding ways to tone areas I wouldn't normally think of. Granted, I've been doing the whole pregnancy thing alot lately, so not as much time for hard core working out, but it's given me lots of ideas. My favorite, that I still have yet to implement, is to take the Book and make flash cards with the exercise and page number on it. On the back, the number of sets and reps or time limit recommended for each one.

    I've also seen several different workouts floating around that promise to give results. The one I want to try when I'm able to work out again is the 100 Workout. It's short and sweet, and nothing on it is horribly out of anyone's ability to do. It's just alot and will take some working up to do.
    Exercise 1: 100 Jumping Jacks
    Exercise 2: 90 Abdominal Crunches
    Exercise 3: 80 Squats
    Exercise 4: 70 Leg Lifts
    Exercise 5: 60 Jumping Jacks
    Exercise 6: 50 Abdominal Crunches
    Exercise 7: 40 Squats
    Exercise 8: 30 Leg Lifts
    Exercise 9: 20 Jumping Jacks
    Exercise 10: 10 Minutes of Running

    Keep us posted on your journey! It's always good to hear success stories!
    2707 days ago
    You are doing great. When you had a question or concern you asked for help or advice. Be patient, change things up a little, change can be encouraging and motivating. Remember as you tone up that muscle has weight too. Stick to it and you will meet your goal before you know it.
    2707 days ago
  • CATHRINE2010
    This was very helpful! I am having the same problem. Thought about the protein / carb ratio also! However I am training for a half- marathon so I think I will add an extra workout 2 days of week of a run/walk cycle. Been thinking about those big boy weights too! Let me know how it goes! I am rooting for you! emoticon
    2707 days ago
  • *MADHU*
    emoticon question and an emoticon answer
    2707 days ago
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