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Timeline (from Facebook) vs. Time Management

Saturday, August 25, 2012

It was five days with no Facebook. It would not let me operate the interface without going to Timeline. I never wanted Timeline. So that's that.

Meanwhile (and some of this time is at my post-job-shift, lengthy commute both ways-job) I have a lot of RE-gained time that had been near-mindlessly frittered away pursuing Facebook. Not sure how those with 10 times the "Friends" I have do it; perhaps they access it on mobile devices strapped to their non-dominant arm, for all I know ...

At my job (a sit-down administrative/accounting job, with no cublicled-off privacy) without Facebook (I also have no audio - broken sound card or sound driver that is not budgeted to be fixed); thus I don't swap the 'book for the U-Tube, either, lol ... I now have time for non-exercise activity thermogenesis (N.E.A.T.s) at my desk* ... with my bad feet, compromised knee, and chronic pelvic pain, the NEATs are actually Deskercises, please see my blog https://sparkpeo.hs.llnwd.net/e1/myp
og_id=4941360 I now have time to keep my workspace clean and (the other kind of) NEAT ... I have time to be caught up at my job ... I resent MUCH less the kvetchy "Help me out with my computer!" interruptions that I quite frequently get from my co-worker (not that I have anything against computerphobes - as a former cyberphobe - yes, there's a difference ... I'd appreciated computers but had considered myself high-touch and not high-tech until I'd lost a job that required on-your-own-time learning [employed by small to tiny businesses nearly all my work life] myself ...)... as a formber cyberphobe, I still quite sympathized. The worst boss I'd ever had in my life, back in 1988, caused me to soon run crying into a RadioShack (I was THAT cyberphobic) and grabbed the lapels of a sales person there and cried to him, "Make me computer-literate!" So, against my father's wishes I'd bought a TRS-80 SX ... at the ripe age of 34. It had not been my first computer, but it had been the first computer that was not to be treated as a toy! Luckily, it had been the Microsoft World-Domination era, and I'd found it easy enough to choose to self-educate in all things MS-DOS (and later Windows) applications, not really caring that it correlated to working with cheaper, less-creative bosses than the Macintosh crowd ... because I inferred (correctly) this correlated (at least on the East Coast, both in year-round Miami living and in New York City) with slightly more secure employment, if you get my drift ....

I had withdrawal symptoms ... still have some yet. Facebook is not a healthy addiction.

*sometimes to Pandora's Chill Out station on my new Android ... not totally deprived of access to audio ... but I have a very limited smartphone data package through AT&T Maybe a tight budget could double as a time management tool emoticon
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    I do not like it very much it just does not work for me ..
    2066 days ago
    We have DSL and when the phone service went down in the neighborhood, I realized how addicted to the internet I was. I also found some uses for the time gained. Unfortunately, the problem was fixed, and here I am back at the same level of usage. I don't have a smartphone nor do I have much data coverage. All I do is call and text.
    2068 days ago
    Way to go! I am still on FB and plan to stay even though I resisted timeline when it came around. I do not have a smartphone though. My computer time is when I'm on a computer not when I'm walking or driving etc... Everyone finds what works for them. Good for you for finding something that works for you.
    2069 days ago
    I have deactivated my Face Book for all the same reasons...I do not miss it at all, lol.

    2069 days ago
  • WILSON1926
    2069 days ago
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