In Cali for a family emergency

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sorry, typing all this on my tiny phone do please excuse the typos.
About 3 Weeks ago my sister was rushed to the hospital. Her gal bladder was infected and swollen so they had to remove it. She was out of the hospital before I even knew anything was going on. But after they released her she was right back in with bad cramping. My mom said she was constipated but my sisters Facebook said her insides were crushing each other. My sister can be a drama queen so I just prayed for her and hoped her pain would go away. I had tried calling her a few times but never got a reply so I left her a message on Facebook saying I would come down if she need me. She said no because she'd knew I was job hunting. Then my dad called a few days later saying she was still in the hospital and she had a seizure. Again I said I wanted to come out but this time on her answering machine. No reply. Thursday after I got all the awesome job news and asked my brother good a loan to get up to date on my car payments, I got a text from my brother in law saying heather was going into surgery on Friday to get a stent put into her liver. I replied with " please let me come down". No reply. Friday morning I got a call from my sister asking me to come down. So now I'm here.
My kids were supposed to have their orange belt graduation today but their sensai said they could test when we got back.
I wish my family was closer because it sucked only knowing info on Facebook and from my parents. I know the boys had the karate stuff and we were financially struggling but family is a priority.
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