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Well, it's not exactly a "collage", but it'll do

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This weekend's training challenge for the BLC 20 includes one of my trouble areas ... coming up with a visual representation of my goals. But I'm determined to at least do the best I can with it.

Where do I want to be in 12 weeks (well, 14 really since we have the two training weeks before the official challenge start)? I'm supposed to "find one or more images that depict the changes YOU want".

I started just doing some searches trying to find pictures that didn't make me cringe. See ... obviously if we want to see a strong fit healthy woman doing a pushup, she has to be wearing as little as possible, be oiled up, hair just so. Maybe she ends up looking just a little rough to add some flavor to it, a snarly expression on her face like this is the last one with good form she can do after the last couple hundred. You know the pictures I mean.

Then I found this:

(image from

Now, no, I seriously don't think I'm going to be pulling off THAT sort of pushup in 12 weeks. But I do love that, from the image, she looks strong and capable without having to bare lots of her muscles ("sexy") or grimacing at the camera like what she is doing is unbearably grueling. I want that kind of strength and form. I want to feel closer to the dream of doing full military pushups. Heck, there's plenty of reason to believe that someday I WILL be strong enough to pull off a pushup like that.

A little more looking and I added this:

(image from - the article that came from actually was worth reading, in my mind: Why Women Should Weight Train.)

I don't expect to lose the batwings in 12 weeks. I don't expect anywhere near that kind of definition in 12 weeks. But, I can work toward the next weight up for my dumbbell bicep curls, seated tricep dips, lat pulldowns, and more.

These words, quoted in the article, could so easily have come from my lips:

I find that the lifting makes me feel strong and gives me definable goals to reach (since there are specific weights/number of reps to strive towards). The muscle I’ve built has helped me burn more fat ...

So, maybe they're not exactly a collage. They are, however, pictures that well represent the idea of what I want to achieve. I'll put them together as a background on my computer. (I don't hang pictures where I live or work.)
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