3 month check up was a-ok

Friday, August 24, 2012

Had my 3 month post-surgical visit today and was very excited to see that their scale actually reads less than the one I have at home. I've lost 36 pounds since surgery and the office was really pleased with my progress. I was also surprised at my blood pressure. I was expecting a high reading because the cuff was so tight but my blood pressure was perfect where in the past it was at the highest end of "normal". I had blood drawn so will be waiting to see what my serum vitamin levels are. I was also pleased that the doctors' office is keeping a picture record (which I didn't do being a camera avoider) I have been eating the right number of calories with the right balance 1000 to 1200 calories with high protein. The doctor said that at 6 months I will transition to a more "normal" diet with more fruit and veggies.

The whole trip (visit to doctor, lab and the bariatric medicine shop for vitamins took 3 hours) I followed it with a trip to the science museum to visit the new paleontology hall. I wanted to take pictures of ammonites for inspiration for a quilt challenge, Time to rest!
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