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Pig Pen Response

Friday, August 24, 2012

I am now referring to my frenzied stuff-face behavior as the 'Pig Pen response' (remember that kid from Peanuts?). 
I know I am not alone here.
Have you ever felt like you just have a whirlwind of items on that to-do list, truly enveloping you?All are important, and all with an urgent deadline. 
At that moment, the freezer and pantry light up like neon signs, advertising their sweet and salty contents like a mini Las Vegas! I won't tempt you with the food porn...

Speaking for myself, my raging stress response to pain could trigger my inner Pig Pen, or giving myself an unrealistic to-do list, etc. 
But really, its all about my reaction to a trigger. 

I've skimmed over recent events that lead to my last Pig Pen response.
My chronic pain had ruled most of my day. Big surprise here on what I did next. Yep, I saw the neon lights of the sweet & salty treats, and out of the depths of my memory, I remembered exactly where each of those items were hiding (candy under quinoa pasta, potato chips behind the pouch of flax seed meal, etc.). I sabotaged myself!

Stuff face. Rinse. Repeat. Yuck. 
This is not an acceptable way to cope. Ugh. 

I logged on to Spark and poked around for some motivation to fend off my inner Pig Pen. I read some great blogs by CANNIE50 and AAACK and decided to integrate them into my daily life. I've been working hard to "tidy up my side of the street" by keeping my inner complainer in check. Allowing that negativity into my life just piles up emotional 'trash', and trash stinks!
I'm also making sure that I do at least one thing per day that makes me feel accomplished (no matter how small), and then acknowledge that moment. It's amazing how such a small thing can keep you smiling.

I challenge you to make a mental list of your Pig Pen triggers. 
Then list your personal battle tactics to prevent you from wolfing down your refrigerator contents. Be sure to put your action plan at the forefront of your mind.
After all, no one wants to clean up after Pig Pen!

'Nuff Said.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ooooh yes, and I must say I agree with KAILYNSTAR - my triggers are boredom and stress. Fighting those head-on is the key - acknowledging and DOING something other than PIGGING. Little oinks are one thing but it's the BIG MESS one wants to avoid.
    You are so fun. OINK! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2353 days ago
    Um yea. Totally relate. But tonight I won because I had a 1000 calorie pack of popcorn and a 100 calorie pack of chocolate pretzels. Luckily I have nothing else in my house to eat so that worked out pretty good. A reasonable 200 calorie snack instead of 1000 calorie binge. I will take it
    2361 days ago
    Since I have been on this stricter diet, I have found that my kids and husband are my best supporters. They are amazing!

    What triggers me? I have to say, boredom and stress.

    I'm glad that you came on Spark and found some support and other perspectives. I find that helps a bit for me too.
    2367 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    triggers, triggers, triggers - I am armed with many triggers, unfortunately. I still say, based on my experience, that eating at least 50 grams of protein is one of my best trigger-defenses. Of course, I must have the willingness, and act on the willingness, to arm myself with all that protein so that I am less assaulted by all the triggers and cravings that come after me on my more difficult days. Yesterday was one of those difficult days and I didn't even attempt a fight - just shoved sweet then salty, sweet then salty, etc etc etc in my belly all day. Today has been a much better day. I think of you every day, dear Bren. I so wish I could relieve you of some of that awful pain that refuses to let you go. emoticon
    2368 days ago
    I was just thinking the same thing yesterday about the smalls things that make you smile and really learning to laugh at yourself. It really does help. And boy do I know the pull of the neon signs or even when you can hear them whispering your name from across the room.. or house. lol! I've been eating like crazy for the past several weeks. I've got to stop. WE CAN DO THIS!!!
    I wish I could take your pain away. And you can take my fat. Yeah, not really comparable, but it's all I got. lol!
    emoticon you! emoticon emoticon
    2370 days ago
    Pig-Pen - hmmm, that sent a visual of you circling the kitchen with a brown cloud following you; hopefully you haven't also taken to the blankie too!? :)

    Triggers are huge and finding a way to keep out the trash is a good thing.

    Hope you are feeling better today and have pretty flowers back around you instead!
    Hugs ~ Melissa
    2371 days ago
    Great blog! You have my mind going-as you always do! Chris emoticon
    2371 days ago
    Love the idea of doing one thing a day that makes you feel accomplished. I've been trying to do that lately as well. Hope you're feeling better! emoticon emoticon
    2372 days ago
    oooh, my favorite line is: its all about my reaction
    you're SO totally right! Regardless of the triggers, it's all about MY REACTION.
    I'm going to ruminate on that today (along with whatever I overate last night, ewwww), as I go about trying to get things done.

    thanks for the shout-out in the blog!

    have a fab day
    2372 days ago
    the pig pen response sounds like a response that would be discussed in psychological journals hahaha i'm sure they have an equivalent, but not one with such a catchy name!
    thanks for sharing about your response (and triggers)! way to be accountable :)
    2372 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    Wonderful blog and what a great challenge!

    Thank you for this!
    2372 days ago
    Great blog!

    My pigpen is alive and well (particularly these past two days) and I am working on pumping up the positivity again to give him a bit of a time out.

    I do know my triggers and sometimes I make what I think is a rational decision to allow them to trigger me.

    But, as you say, focus on the positive and what we are doing right!

    I loved the pigpen character in Peanuts. Especially that cloud of....well, I don't know exactly what.....but it was cute!

    2372 days ago
    Great blog Bren!! We all have that pigpen response hidden in us. I'm starting my list now!!
    2372 days ago
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