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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well - for the first blog I have ever done, I will tell a little about what I go through daily. I am total deaf. I was born hard of hearing and over 42 years, I slowly lost it, but one day, it just totally shut off. According to the doctors I have no ear drums, no cochleas and now, no bones in the ear. I live in total silence, but, you know that ringing you get in your ears? That's called tinnitus. I sometimes get the ringing and buzzing, but I have been blessed with Musical Tinnitus. That means, instead of dealing with the daily noise of blaring TV commercials, kids fighting and bickering and the airplanes since I live 1 mile from the runway of a large International airport, I hear music that I have heard throughout 42 years. I was blessed to have a very musical family and we each liked different types of music. My father played guitar and flute, mom play the piano and sang, oldest brother played guitar and flute, but moved to electric guitar and bass and other brother played trumpet and then drums. I played piano and still do when I can. I also sing.

Well - I am married to a wonderful man who was born with brain damage. He is forgetful and has learning disabilities, but he's good to me, provides what I need and is very loving and loyal. We have two teenagers. Daughter is 18, has lots of learning disabilities and struggles, and for the most part she is happy and accepts her lot on life. Son is 17 and other than a few issues, weight related, asthma and unusual vision issues, he is fine. My kids were in public school for a short time when we lived in Missouri, but we found daughter was not learning anything and son was not being challenged enough, so I pulled them out and began to home school them. Son finished high school level courses at age 15. Daughter still struggles with grades 3-5 and we've been told by two school districts that she should have been in a special home and school (basically "institutionalized"). I didn't deal well with that, but she can take care of herself for the most part and needs help with other things.

I am also primary caretaker for my mother. Back in 1986 due to an issue with routine surgery, she needed a blood transfusion. Seems they didn't test blood back then for anything other that HIV and AIDS. She contracted Hepatitis C and is has now progressed into Cirrhosis of the Liver. She also has the beginnings of dementia.

We are all currently living with my mother-in-law and are in the process of converting a large 3 bay garage into a 4bedroom home. Construction should be done in 3 months or so. MIL is not very good about food. She has no will-power at all and is overly critical of how I cook. She thinks my efforts to be healthy are wrong and that her diet is the only way to go. Well, I think I speak from experience here, I have lost weight and now have put it back on with living issues, but she has ballooned up and and has been on a Trim Club diet for the last 30 years and goes up and down the scale like a yo-yo. When she's tired, on vacation, or just not feeling well, she feels that's a good excuse to eat what she wants. Also, in her opinion, weekends were made to eat whatever you want.

I myself strive to cook healthy no matter what day of the week, if I am feeling bad or whatever is going on. Goodness, I spent one whole year without a working stove or oven. That was a year of creative cooking, and it was still very healthy.

I can only hope that when I get my new house, I will have a "non-MIL zone" in my kitchen. I will be able to do what I need to for my health and the health of my family. I am going vegan as I am allergic to dairy, hubby is on a cardiac diet and is lactose intolerant, daughter is very picky and also lactose intolerant, son is fine except he is beginning to dislike more and more foods because of MIL, and my mother has to have high protein, but no soy products. Is it easy? No, but I do manage.

I have to continually look for the bright things in life and the positives, then "Look out world, Here comes Kristina!!"
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    Wow. You have a lot going on in your life. We're all stressed and I know I have used that as an excuse not to get back into shape for too long. -You're inspiring!
    2115 days ago
  • STHAX10
    Welcome to blogging! You did great! Let me tell you, you don't have to share this space with anyone you don't want to! This world,, is full of wonderful, compassionate, caring, motivating, inspiring people! We are here for you! No matter what MIL thinks, her diet is not best for you, if that is not what you want. You know what is best for you. You deal with many special need diets. emoticon I have only me and hubby to worry about, and he takes care of himself. I prepare and eat what I need. He eats what he wants. Rarely do I cook for two anymore, unless I am preparing a mass amount of something that we both eat, then I freeze individual servings. He has learned to eat that way or he has to do it all himself, lol.

    I hope that you get your own kitchen space soon! If you need support or venting time, just send me a message!! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    2124 days ago
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