I feel like dancing across Portland right now!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last night I couldn't sleep. I had eaten bad the whole day. Both my husband and I are 2 car payments behind. We won't have enough for rent this month so we have to call my father in law. I was just sad. We're where I've wanted to live and things just aren't going right.

So I finally fell asleep around 2 am and Sasha got me up to take her out at 6:45.

I had told Josh I would go walk around and pass out resumes today while he watched the boys but honestly I just wanted to run away and cry somewhere. So I guess it was a good thing that Josh slept in till 10:45 and I couldn't go out this morning.

I had just finished making breakfast... something I shouldn't have eaten, when I got a phone call. I've been avoiding numbers I don't know lately but for some reason I answered this time.
It was a lady named Aqua Gunn (Yes, I thought of a nerf watergun first) and she works at the post office here in Portland. She wants to go to Georgia and knows a guy that wants to go from Georgia to Fort Worth (where my postal job is currently being held for me if they can't find a spot for me here next year). So she asked if I would swap.

I thought about just saying no because I really really really don't want to get roped back into the post office just to get fired with all the layoffs right now. But then she said "I started in '86." For those of you who don't know, at the post office we're rank related. You don't get fired based on how you work, you get fired or forced to move to a new office based on your hire date. Right now I'm an '06. This means my group is the first to go since that was the last hired. But if I get an '86 rank... I actually have job security.
Then she went on
"And I work Monday-Friday 5am. to 2pm. But I'm sure you can rebid if those don't work for you." Ummmmm that's a shift people beg for. I would have to work for the post office at least 20 years to get that shift. And she has. So I would be getting her awesome shift.
"It's not in the center of Portland, it's right on the Beaverton side of the river." ... I live in Beaverton...

All that worry I did last night, all those hours of sleep I lost, all that bad food I ate out of depression was for NOTHING. God has a plan for me and all I had to do was just trust Him.

So instead of saying "I really hope this works out and there's no snags (like the fact that I already put in for a transfer and I'm not considered union since I'm on a long term leave of absence) in it" I'm just going to say "Ok God, do your thang. If I get it I get it. If don't you have something better."

And with that... I stop eating like I have something to be sad about. It will all be ok.

Now I just have to figure out how to not get our cars taken and pay rent this week... Does someone wanna make the call to my dad or his mom for me? I hate asking for money.
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    Sending good vibes and prayers your way. Good luck! :)
    2642 days ago
    Congrats! I really hope it works out for you, it's really tough out there right now. I've been job hunting myself for the past two months with no luck... I'm really hoping something turns up for me soon because I'm working two dead-end jobs at the moment. I think God must be paying more attention to you than me, so can you throw in a good word for me?? Lol
    2642 days ago
    Sounds good to me!
    2642 days ago
    Hey! 2NEWSTARTAGAIN is right, if you pay something on the interest, they'll know you are trying to pay for your car. "God does have a plan for you" the phone call was a sign. Blessings to you and your family. Hugs, Rita

    2642 days ago
    Yay! This is great news. I'm sure you'll figure out what to do about your car payments. Just keep swimming!
    2642 days ago
    I hate asking for money too, And we have been in your shoes more than you know, I had my car repossesed. but IT will work out, it always does in the end. Maybe not always as we want but it does. Oh and my pmts were a YEAR behind before they did the repo as long as you send some money it can delay it a long time, at least that is my experience on it. I just know that everything will work out for you, Josh and the boys, just hang in there!
    2642 days ago
    2642 days ago
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