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Thursday, August 23, 2012

So...I didn't go to the gym this morning. And I won't be going later. Thankfully, I can say that this was done on purpose. My shoulders are beyond sore today. I need to give them a day to rest before I put them through any more punishment. Let it be known that this August I have learned how to listen to my body better and I think it's paying off. Just yesterday I remarked that my butt seemed smaller. The shirt that was tight just a month ago fits me perfectly now. The pants that used to be a pain to get zipped are starting to get a bit baggy in the bum area. And I peeked at the scale this morning with fear in my throat and got a bit of a happy surprise (nothing official until September 1st, though, but let's just say it would allow me to mark off a few of my "goals" on my front page).

Today the plan is to ice and drink a ton of water. Last night after work I wasn't feeling quite myself. I've been having a lot of this lately as I try to adjust and figure out who the hell I am and what I really want. I went home and lay down on the bed while messaging Hubs...and then I woke up about 30 minutes later, sent him an almost incoherent message, and passed out again for a while longer. Around 7pm, I got up, changed out of my work clothes and into regular people's clothes, and headed down to town to meet up with him. I don't know why...I just had to get out of the house. There were leftovers for the kids in the fridge, I knew. They could stand one night where I didn't cater to them.

I ended up at Hubs' work, where I waited the last hour with him until he got off. Then we headed over to the Mexican restaurant where I broke all the rules but got some amazing homemade chorizo. Afterward, we headed to the store to buy Ethan an alarm clock and then I headed home where I crashed on the couch.

I felt like a sloth yesterday.
I felt lazy and slow and stupid.
And 6:30am was so early, somehow I didn't even realize that it was the same day I had swam a mile straight and I didn't need to feel that way.

I went to bed feeling really sore in my shoulders. My arms kept falling asleep and I was having terrible dreams. I woke up as Hubs was coming to bed and I finally rested when he was next to me. When the alarm went off at 4:30am, I got up, reset it for later, and went back to sleep.

Even when I have "failed" this month, for the most part I've done it consciously and without shame or guilt. And that already makes me feel a lot better.

I'm stressing over my plan for next month. I don't know where to go with my training. I'm running out of food ideas and my budgeting isn't working right yet. And I don't want to end August with a win and then go into September lost, so that's probably what happened to my head yesterday.

Off to ice my shoulders.
Off to drink a ton of water (bloated from the gluten and dairy I had last night...and tons and tons of sodium).
Off to try to settle my head as I find a plan.

Fall is coming.
There is reason to rejoice.
If I can sort out the whens and wheres and hows, I can sail through September and have myself a blast.
Just gotta sort it out in my head and then put it down on paper.

What are you guys all doing for training this fall? Got any ideas to help me along? I want to keep swimming. I love it. But I don't want to push this like I did the running and really injure my shoulders. I really want to run again, and I've been thinking of learning the taping techniques for my PF foot so that I can make small strides in that direction. And part of me wants to steal Hubs' bike and start getting some use out of that. But I'm scared I won't be able to do it...and the roads we live on aren't exactly helpful for those relearning.

Anyone got a directional sign I can borrow?!
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    So excited for you and the positive changes you're seeing. A big whoopity whoop whoop for NSVs! September in your part of the country just screams outdoors to me. Do you like hiking? Maybe that would be a good transition to getting back into running? You could do some weekly outdoor hikes and work up to a specific mountain or trail in your area? Nothing like sitting on a mountain vista feeling all satisfied!
    3225 days ago
    I think you made a good decision not to go today. I woke up this morning at 5, as always (for 3 weeks anyway!), to go to the gym and just couldn't do it. I hurt from my toes to my nose, and I realized that I did a super-heavy legs workout yesterday morning THEN ran 5.5 miles, walked 1, for a total of 6.5 miles last night. I didn't NEED to go to the gym, I NEEDED a little more sleep. I still got up at 6 and got dressed in my gym clothes, but then realized that even if I rushed I wouldn't be at the gym till 7, and I had to be at work at 8! It wasn't worth it to me to just get maybe a 30 minute workout in.

    So I took some time and care getting dressed (instead of throwing everything in my gym bag and sorting it out later!) had a nice hot, protein-heavy breakfast, planned my lunch, and felt AWESOME when I left for work.

    Don't stress yourself out thinking about September yet either. You have a week and a half to make your plans! I love the idea of getting back into a little running to see how you feel, biking is GREAT for PF, also, what about checking out some of the Y's classes? (That's where you swim, right?)

    My personal goal for this fall is to get my 10k under 1 hour. I have 3 10ks that I'm signed up for, September, October and November. I need to find a December one. I've set some short-term goal weights and I'm refocusing on my diet. Specifically serving sizes.

    Maybe look around and try something you've never done or haven't done in a while too. Someone on here mentioned going rollerblading and I remembered I have rollerblades from 15 years ago jammed in a closet somewhere, I used to LOVE rollerblading! I'm gonna find them and pull them out! This month I decided to hit a new exercise class every week. It's the 3rd week and I've only made it once, but I'm planning on going tonight and next Wednesday, and it was a great experience when I forced myself to go!
    3225 days ago
    3225 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I think you're doing great! But I agree, you need to be careful not to push too hard on one thing and hurt yourself. Maybe more cross training?
    3225 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    No lost, just questioning your fork in the road....

    One thing I would say is do not overdo it to the point where you hurt yourself and then have to stop working out...

    My plans are pretty simple. I have found the exercise love of my life, the treadmill, and am slowly working up to my pre surgery speed and incline, as my foot can stand it.

    I figure I will up to 3 MPH in a month, then I can add incline slowly, and then start increasing speed again--I was up to 3.6 MPH before the surgery, pretty good for my short legs--and age.

    I round off with WT 3x week and some hooping, which I think helps my midsection.

    The best advice I can give, I think, is increase intensity very slowly to avoid injury and acclimatize your body.

    3225 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Lost? Lost? You are on the road. You have been heading in a direction that is getting you where you want to go. So, you came to a fork in the road. A little fork. You just need to make a decision about what the new direction is you are heading in. You are in control. You will find the way. You always do. You just have to choose and things will become clear!
    3225 days ago
    Girlie - you are definitely not LOST! You might be at a crossroads and unsure which direction to go from here, but you have created your OWN path...and will continue to do so! Just spend some time reflecting and do what makes you happy while continuing to get better and better about listening to your body. You are doing AMAZING!! Bask in the glow, girlfriend!
    3225 days ago
    I feel like I need to have a direction too. You can do this. Look how far you have come!
    3225 days ago
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